Light echoes from SN 1987A Light echoes from SN 1987A Neighbourhood of SN 1987A High resolution SN 1987A by NTT Ring-shaped nebula around SN 1987A Ring-shaped nebula around SN 1987A Paranal from Cerro Ventarrones
La Silla OSF Construction Site NGC 1068 and Friends ALMA Office La Silla Construction La Silla Construction APEX Control Room
Inside the E-ELT ALMA High Site VLT MELIPAL and YEPUN ASM Mirror Gap Control La Silla Site Search E-ELT mirrors La Silla Dormitories
The Irregular Galaxy NGC 55 A Milky Way cousin La Silla Control Room Wildlife in the Plains Jet in M87 Spied by the VLT E-ELT mirrors Licancabur volcano
Tamarugo A Cosmic Bubble: NGC 3132 Snowy Mountains? ALMA Transporter A Hubble gem: the Jewel Box Digitized Sky Survey 2 Image of NGC 4755 Putting the Jewel Box in perspective (composite image)
The NGC 6357 and NGC 6334 nebulae The Signing Ceremony with Austria Season's Greetings A Happy New Year! SINFONI "First Light" Spectrum of HD 130163 The VLT interferometric tunnel with delay lines Observed Velocity Field in a Galaxy (Simulation) Delabre and Buzzoni
Coated and Ready for Transportation VLT Mirror VLT Mirror in Cell Enclosures of the VLT Brightest Known Double Quasar The final ALMA antenna SPHERE image of Saturn’s moon Titan
Wide-field view of the sky around Abell 33 A view of the ESO Headquarters Extension Incoming President of Chile Michelle Bachelet meets senior ESO representatives Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (unannotated) The evolution of a solar twin west_fig3 Chilean Minister for Economy, Mr. Félix de Vicente, during his visit to ESO Garching
ESO PRIMA AT Star Separator Correct positioning Deserted Artist impression of the E-ELT dome Chajnantor peaks OmegaCAM The KMOS spectrograph before shipping to Chile
La Silla by air, 1964 Cruzat and Alarcon Rojas Cell removal Tertiary mirror preparations Ernesto Araya Adriaan Blaauw at the contract signature with Interbeton
The ESO 1.52-metre telescope Taking a break Foundations of the dome of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope Lunch Break during the VLT Site Testing Site testing for the VLT atop Cerro Armazones Model of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope The centre of the Milky Way showing a newly discovered and rapidly moving cloud
VISTA view of the newly discovered open star cluster VVV CL003 beyond the galactic centre ESO Council Meeting, June 2011 Inauguration of the new ESO exhibition at the Museum of Taltal The Chilean Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics visits Paranal Interferometric fringes from an observation of 3C 273 with the VLTI The brilliant star VFTS 682 in the Large Magellanic Cloud (annotated) Wide-field view of the sky around the brown dwarf binary CFBDSIR 1458+10
A Wide-field view of the sky around the young star T Cha (annotated) Café & Kosmos: "The Big Bang in the Tunnel" Artist's impression of a dark gamma-ray burst Infrared/visible comparison of the VISTA Tarantula Nebula image Construction of the ALMA Santiago Central Office building at Vitacura Assembly of the first Backup Structure La Silla Observatory
The ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope in operation E-ELT Tip-tilt Unit The Milky Way in Black and White The ESO 1-metre Schmidt telescope in operation ALMA Gate Workers Access Road to the ALMA Site E-ELT and VLT sizes compared with Brandenburger Tor.
Alma Access Road The Bochum 0.61-metre telescope
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