Zoom in onto the stellar black hole NGC 300 X-1
3D Animation of the Helix Nebula
TV spot for the 3D production Hidden Universe
Zooming in on the star formation region NGC 3324
Zooming on ALMA’s view of the Antennae Galaxies
Animation of the planetary system around Sun-like star HD 10180 (artist’s impression)
Zooming in on the Sun-like star HD 10180
Flattening the Cerro Armazones
Zooming in on the stellar nursery IC 2944 and Thackeray's Globules
Comparing APEX and ALMA views of star-forming galaxies in the early Universe
Tribute to ESO's Unsung Heroes
Positions of the telescopes used in the 1.3 mm VLBI observations of the quasar 3C 279
Animation of artist’s impression of galaxies at the end of the era of reionisation
Panning across the ALMA and Hubble views of the Antennae Galaxies (crossfade)
Zooming in on The Fried Egg Nebula
Zooming in on the remarkable star SDSS J102915+172927
Zooming in on the most distant galaxy ever measured
The era of reionisation (simulation)
The era of reionisation (artist’s impression)
The era of reionisation (artist’s impression)
VLT First Light
La Silla REM (Part 2)
La Silla NTT (Part 3)
La Silla NTT (Part 4)
La Silla NTT (Part 5)
The globular cluster 47Tucanae
Centaurus A (2)
La Silla NTT (Part 6)
La Silla NTT (Part 7)
La Silla REM (Part 1)
La Silla REM (Part 3)
Centaurus A (1)
Chamaeleon I complex
The Centre of our Galaxy
Animation of the planetary system around Sun-like star HD 10180 (artist’s impression)
The radial velocity method for finding exoplanets
Zoom on SN1987A
Artist’s impression of an exoplanet WASP 8b in a retrograde orbit
Artist’s impression
Chandra Deep Field South 3
The Eagle Nebula (2)
The Eagle Nebula (1)
The Dumbbell Nebula
Chandra Deep Field South 2
The Crab Nebula
The Swiss Telescope - 4
Chandra Deep Field South 1
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