IAU Commission 5, Working Group on Libraries

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IAU General Assembly XXVI, Prague, CZ

IAU Commission 5, Working Group on Libraries held a Business Meeting jointly with the Working Group on Publishing at the IAU General Assembly, Prague, Czech Republic, August 18, 2006, 16:00 - 17:30.

Francoise Genova (CDS) described the "Use and Validation of the IAU Astronmy Thesaurus in Ontologies", a collaboration of French computing labs in the frame of the Massive Data in Astronomy project. Uta Grothkopf (ESO) and Brenda Corbin (USNO) presented a summary of the LISA V (Library and Information Services in Astronomy V) conference which had been held in Cambridge, MA, in June 2006. Brenda Corbin also gave an "Overview of Observatory Archives" with a special focus on the setup and maintenance of the archives of Lowell Observatory, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and Yerkes Observatory. Guenther Eichhorn (ADS) presented an update on the ADS Abstract Service and reported on the close "Cooperation between the ADS and Libraries", both in the early days of the ADS as well as nowadays. "The New Structure of the IAU Proceedings Series" was explained by Karel van der Hucht (SRON); after the reorganization of IAU symposia and colloquia (with the colloquia having been merged into the symposia series), the WG Publishing is now pleased to report much shorter production times for proceedings volumes. Finally, Uta Grothkopf reported on the "Use of Bibliometrics by Observatories", based on a questionnaire distributed among major observatories.

PDF versions of all presentations can be found below.