Programme of lectures and tutorials

Programme Overview

The programme is under development and will be updated.

L1-17  (normally 45 min) are lectures.

T1-10 are hands-on tutorial sessions. T8 is a special tutorial in which groups of participants work together to write outline proposals for interferometric observing.

Poster Papers

We encourage participants in the School to bring posters describing their work. The posters will be on display in the lobby of the new ESO Headquarters Building for the duration of the school. The display area available per poster is limited to 60 cm (w) x 100 cm (h). Hence the accepted poster size is A1 (59.4 cm x 84.1 cm).


Day 1, Sunday September 6
08:30   Registration
09:20 Robert Laing
09:30 Neil Jackson

L1: A Gentle introduction to Radio Interferometry

(slides 1-41 of the pdf; the rest is L7)

10:15 Robert Laing L2: Fundamentals of Radio Interferometry
11:00   Break
11:30 Robert Laing
T1: Fun with Fourier Transforms
12:15 John McKean L3: Modern Radio Interferometers
13:00   Lunch
14:00 Anita Richards L4: Data packages and formats
14:30 Andre Offringa L5: Data editing and radio frequency interference
15:15 George Heald
L6: Calibration
16:00   Tea
16:30 Andy Biggs
T2: Data editing      Script   Data download instructions 
18:00 Robert Laing Introduction to "Writing a Proposal" tutorials
18:15   Close
Day 2, Monday September 7th
  LOC announcements
09:00 Anita Richards
T3: Calibration     Data download: see T2 Instructions
10:30   Break
Neil Jackson
L7: Introduction to imaging (scroll down to slide 42 for the imaging part) movie1 movie2
11:45 John McKean
T4: Basic imaging     Script
13:15   Lunch
Katharine Johnston
L8: Spectral-line interferometry
Vincent Pietu
L9: mm/sub-mm interferometry
Katharine Johnston
T5: Spectral-line interferometry    Data download  Script
18:00   Close
    Buffet Supper
20:00 Katherine Blundell Evening Science Lecture: SS433
21:00   End of Day
Day 3, Tuesday September 8th
08:50   LOC Announcements
09:00 Andre Offringa L10: Advanced Imaging
09:45 Bob Campbell L11: Very Long Baseline interferometry
10:30   Break
11:00 Minnie Mao/ Lorant Sjouwerman
T6:  Very Long Baseline Interferometry
    Continuation of earlier tutorials
12:30   Lunch
13:30 John McKean L12: Low-frequency Interferometry
14:15 John McKean
T7: Self-calibration and multi-frequency synthesis    Script Script2 with model and mask (tar file)
15:45   Break
16:15 Tiziana Venturi L13: Proposals and Scheduling
17:00   T8: Writing a Proposal (Group session 1)
18:00   Close
    Conference Dinner
20:00 Tim de Zeeuw Evening Lecture: "What ESO Does"
21:00   End of day
Day 4, Wednesday September 9th
08:50   LOC Announcements
09:00 Robert Laing L14: Continuum error recognition and image analysis
09:45 Anita Richards

T9: Continuum error recognition and image analysis

Data download: see T2           Instructions

11:00   Break
11:30 Ivan Marti-Vidal L15: Polarization
12:15   T10: Advanced topics Locations
  Minnie Mao
  John McKean
T10B: Wide-field imaging
  Katharine Johnston
T10C: Spectral line   Script1  Script2
  Ivan Marti-Vidal
T10D: Polarization  Script  Script2  Data download
13:15   Lunch
14:15   T10: Advanced topics (continued) Locations
15:15   Close
    Free afternoon and evening

Day 5, Thursday September 10th
09:00   T8: Writing a proposal (group sessions 2)
10:30   Break
11:00 Lorant Sjouwerman/Liz Humphreys
L16: Pipelines (part 1 / part 2)
Tiziana Venturi L17: Archives and Legacy Data
12:30   Lunch
13:30   T8: Presentations of proposals
15:30   Concluding remarks
15:45   End of School