Three-part conference series: "Extremely Big Eyes on the Solar System"

“Extremely Big Eyes on the Solar System” is a three part conference series focusing on extremely large telescopes (ELTs) and solar system science. In the coming years, ELT, GMT and TMT, in combination with other facilities on Earth and in space, will provide unprecedented opportunities to advance all key topics of planetary science, ranging from the studies of giant planets and their satellites, through rocky planets down to the smallest primitive asteroids and comets. This conference series will provide a forum where international experts will review the current questions in Solar System science and discuss how best to use giant telescopes to address them in synergies with current and future space missions.

Location Venue Dates Conference webpages
Europe, Germany ESO Garching
  • April 28, 2022

Technical presentations on the ELTs and their instruments, one afternoon, fully virtual

  • June 13-15, 2022

Science part on the use of the ELTs for solar system research, 3 full days, hybrid attendance

Solar System Science with the ELTs
North America   Fall 2022  
Asia   Early 2023