Solar System Science with the ELT - Europe, ESO HQ Garching, Germany



“Solar System Science with the ELTs'' will focus on ESO’s ELT unique capabilities to address the open questions in the diverse subfields of Solar System science. A special emphasis will be put on how the ELT, alongside with the GMT and TMT will fit in the rich landscape of ground- and space-based telescopes, in particular with the current and future ESA missions. 

The conference will consist of two parts. In the first, technical session scheduled for April 28, 2022, ELT instrument experts will present the capabilities of the instruments for Solar System observations. The speakers will be encouraged to use the conference materials to develop further their ideas of the specific contribution of the ELTs to their field of research. These ideas, alongside with talks reviewing the state of the art knowledge in the different subfields of planetary science, will then be presented during the main part of the conference taking place from June 13-15, 2022.


The conference will comprise two parts.

The first part, a one-afternoon fully virtual conference dedicated to the technical capabilities of the ELTs, their instruments and relevant ESA space missions, will take place on April 28, 2022.

Following, all presentations will be made available via a dedicated Zenodo collection solsyselts2022. This collection will serve as basis for the second, and main part of the conference.

The second, scientific part, a three-day hybrid conference on the use of the ELTs for solar system research, will take place from June 13-15, 2022. Participation in the second part of the conference will be possible either virtually via MS Teams or locally on-site, depending on preference.

To enable a lively exchange, a dedicted Slack channel SolSysELTs2022 will be made available. We will start the discussion on Slack shortly after the first, technical part of the conference, in early May, in time for the second, scientific part of the conference in June. In addition, the conference will have the Twitter hashtag #SolSysELTs2022 to encourage live tweeting.

There will be no registration fee for participation in the conference. To ensure a smooth conference and adequate organisation, we still kindly ask all participants, who register to act responsibly, and to inform the LOC in time before the conference in case of non participation.

If you wish to receive future information on the conference, please fill in the registration forms; for the first, technical part in April and/or for the second, scientific part in June.

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Conference Poster - SolSysELTs2022
Conference Poster - SolSysELTs2022

Quick links - Part I (fully virtual)

Virtual conference presenting the technical capabilities of the ELTs, their instruments and relevant ESA space missions

April 28, 2022 - one afternoon

Quick links - Part II (hybrid attendance)

Hybrid science conference on the use of the ELTs for solar system research

June 13-15, 2022 - 3 full days