eclipse installation procedure

Once you have downloaded the packages you are interested in, you should unpack them all from the same directory. You always need to download eclipse-main, which contains the libraries. Then depending on which instrument you want to work on, you want to download one of the complementary instrument packages (Adonis, ISAAC). If you have downloaded language packages (Lua, Python), they should also be unpacked from the same level as the base library.

The installation procedure is the following:

% gunzip -c eclipse-main-X.Y-Z.tar.gz | tar xvf -

(If you have downloaded other packages called e.g. PACKAGENAME)
% gunzip -c eclipse-PACKAGENAME-X.Y-Z.tar.gz | tar xvf -


% cd eclipse-X.Y-Z
% ./configure
% make

That is all for compilation. You are now ready to read the README and INSTALL manuals which can be found in the root eclipse directory to learn how to setup your environment to run eclipse commands.