Flying through the star cluster Messier 67
Zooming in on NGC 253
Zooming in on the star cluster NGC 2100 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Zooming in on the star-forming region Messier 17
Zooming in on the globular cluster Omega Centauri
Zooming in on the remote cluster CL J1449+0856
Zooming in on the young cluster RMC 136a
Cerro Armazones in Chile
Four ALMA Antennas at the OSF
ALMA at Chajnantor
The Observatories at Chajnantor
Two Moving Antennas
ALMA telescope reaches new heights
Panning across VISTA’s view of the Centre of the Milky Way
Zooming in on VISTA’s view of the centre of the Milky Way
Infrared-visual crossfade, centre of the Milky Way (Annotated)
Infrared-visual crossfade, centre of the Milky Way
ALMA Compilation 2008
Inside Centaurus A
Video News Release 24: Birth of a Colossus on Wheels (eso0732)
Mars in 4k
Fulldome video of Mars
Zooming in on the cometary globule CG4
Time-lapse Video Showing the Assembly of a Full-Size Mock-up of the E-ELT Mirror
Panning across the Meathook Galaxy
Zooming in on a stellar nursery in Corona Australis
Zooming into the star T Cha
An ALMA Antenna
An ALMA Antenna
E-ELT Compilation 2008
Video News Release 23: Astronomers find First Earth-like Planet in Habitable Zone (eso0722)
Looking Back in Time
La Silla Time-lapse NTT
Zooming in on a giant space blob
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 03
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 04
Mirror Recoating at the Very Large Telescope (part 64)
Professor Tim de Zeeuw Takes Up Duty as New ESO Director General
Video News Release 22: SN1987A's Twentieth Anniversary (eso0708)
Panning across the star cluster Messier 67
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 06
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 02
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 15
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 17
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 14
Planet with superstorm (artist's impression)
Video News Release 21: A Dramatic Stellar Crib, Zooming in on SN1987A (eso0650a)
Fulldome trailer for the planetarium show "From Earth to the Universe"
Zooming on the ALMA array of antennas on Chajnantor
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 07