Compilation of GOODS/CDF-S spectroscopy

All spectroscopic redshifts and spectra publicly available in the Chandra Deep Field South (an area of 30&primex30′ centered on RA=3:32:28.0 Dec= -27:48:30) have been collected and can now be accessed via a web interface. The current compilation (v2.0, as of Dec 13 2009) is the result of cross-matching each published spectroscopic catalog with the GOODS HST/ACS (v1.0) catalog and WFI-R catalog. Thus, all positions are given in the World Coordinate System defined by the ACS GOODS data, or WFI-R imaging data for the wider CDFS area. Multiple spectroscopic identifications of the same source from different surveys are listed and no attempt is made to compare derived redshifts.

List of existing spectroscopic surveys in the CDFS with publicly available data

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