Scientific Visitor Application Form

Application Form

Please be aware that the Visiting Scientist Program has a limited budget to finance intercontinental trips, and consequently airfare is usually not paid for visits less than one month (four weeks) in duration.


1. Personal information

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Year and granting institution of PhD degree:

2. Present position and contact address:

3. Career path to date (Summary):

4. Research activities and main recent publications:

5. Proposed visit to ESO:

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In Garching

5.1 Desired dates and length of visit:

5.2 ESO Staff Member(s) with whom the visit has been coordinated:


5.3 Purpose of Visit:

5.4 Please indicate if you are willing to give a colloquium or other talk(s) while at ESO, and if so please give a brief summary or title of your proposed talk

5.5 Please indicate if your home institution or other source will cover/finance your air ticket or you will request it from ESO:

5.6 Is this application part of a joined application to both ESO and ALMA visitor programs?





5.7 Accompanying persons:


6. Previous visits to ESO:

Have you been on ESO Visiting Scientist program in the past 2 years:

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