Thesis Topic: Dust in 3d: From protostars and stellar clusters to AGN


Thesis Supervisor: Ralf Siebenmorgen




As protostellar objects are deeply embedded in the dust any understanding of the spectral energy distribution of star forming regions requires high angular IR observations combined with detailed radiative transfer models. In this PhD project existing VISIR data of potential massive protostars and new observations at other NIR wavelengths shall be confronted with a new 3 dimensional Monte Carlo radiative transfer code. This will allow to study the influence of
disk-like dust distributions of a clumpy medium on the SED. As the suggested methodology is generic it shall also be applied to stellar clusters or the dusty torus of active galactic nuclei. The student shall perform during his project some own observations at the VLT, shall have fun in developing 3D visualization tools and a strong interest in astro-physical modeling.

See 3D Monte Carlo: geometry + clumps

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