Thesis Topic: The dawn of planets: structure and evolution of protoplanetary disks with ALMA

Thesis Supervisor: Leonardi Test






Thesis Supervisor: Leonardo Testi



ALMA allows us to study of the solids and molecular gas in protoplanetary disks at high angular resolution and sensitivity. Our team is focusing on two complementary approaches: the detailed study at high angular resolution of multi-wavelength observations of disks to constrain detailed physical processes in disks and the study of disk populations to infer demographical properties and evolution.

A prospective student may be involved in the ALMA and/or optical/infrared data reduction and analysis and the interpretation of the results in collaboration with an international team. At ESO we have primary responsibility for the determination of the stellar and star-disk interaction properties using VLT/XShooter spectroscopy, search for young protoplanets embedded in the disks with high contrast infrared imaging at the VLT and LBT and for the study of the dust and gas properties in protoplanetary disks from observations at submm and radio wavelengths with ALMA and the VLA.