Science at the European ARC

The staff associated with the European ARC are actively involved in scientific projects that make use of ALMA. Below is a list of the scientific interests of the staff.

Name Location Email Science or technical interests
Jose Afonso PACE jafonso[at] High-z galaxies, star-formation and AGN activity; radio-galaxies; galaxy formation and evolution.
Claudia Agliozzo ESO Claudia.Agliozzo[at] Final stages of massive star evolution, mass-loss, ionized stellar winds and dust properties, protoplanetary nebulae, radio stars, interferometry, imaging of extended sources and data combination
Aida Ahmadi Allegro aahmadi[at] High-mass star formation, circumstellar disks, galactic centre
environment, molecular spectroscopy and radiative transfer modelling,
single-dish and interferometric techniques in the (sub)mm and cm regime.
Stergio Amarantidis PACE samarant[at] High-z AGN; Super Massive Black Holes; galaxy formation cosmological models/simulations; Epoch of Re-ionization.
Adam Avison JBCA aavison[at] Massive star formation, masers and interferometry
Miroslav Barta Czech ARC node barta[at] Solar MHD: flares and prominences, Solar radio physics, High-performance (parallel) computing
George Bendo JBCA george.bendo[at] Dust and gas-to-dust ratios in nearby galaxies (elliptical, spiral, irregular)
Frank Bertoldi German ARC node bertoldi[at] High-z galaxies and quasars, sub-millimeter observations, SZ observations of galaxy clusters, PDRs and shocks
Rob Beswick JBCA robert.beswick[at] Extragalactic star-formation (low and high redshift systems), neutral and molecular gas in galaxies, Interferometry techniques
Andy Biggs ESO abiggs[at] High-redshift star formation, (Strong) gravitational lensing
Matteo Bonato Italian ARC node bonato[at] IR and radio galaxy evolution models, Galaxy/AGN (co-)evolution, IR spectroscopy, SED modelling and decomposition.
Abhijeet Borkar Czech ARC node borkar[at] Galactic Center environment, radio interferometry, active galactic nuclei and Cosmic Archaeology
Jan Brand Italian ARC node brand[at] Physics and chemistry of the galactic ISM; properties of star-forming regions across the Galaxy; circumstellar envelopes; masers, monitoring
Sandra Burkutean Italian ARC node burkutean[at] Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in galaxy clusters; shocks in the intra-cluster medium; combination of interferometric and bolometric data
Arancha Castro-Carrizo IRAM ccarrizo[at] Evolved stars, disk and outflows, physics and chemistry of planetary nebulae. Mm-interferometry techniques and data reduction
Edwige Chapillon IRAM chapillon[at] Protoplanetary disks surrounding young low-mass stars, in particular the chemical complexity of these disks
Maria Diaz Trigo ESO mdiaztri[at] X-ray binaries, equatorial winds and jets, accretion, black holes and neutron stars, ULXs
Gary Fuller JBCA g.fuller[at] Star formation, Molecular clouds, Astrochemistry
Ciriaco Goddi Allegro c.goddi[at] High-mass star formation, circumstellar disks and outflows, galactic masers, (nearby) SMBHs, molecular spectroscopy, mm/submm/cm interferometric observations, interferometric techniques and VLBI
Frédéric Gueth IRAM gueth[at] Star formation, embedded sources, molecular jets and outflows, physics and chemistry of shocks
Evanthia Hatziminaoglou ESO ehatzimi[at] Dust in AGN, star formation in AGN, AGN formation and evolution
Michiel Hogerheijde Allegro michiel[at] star formation, protoplanetary disks, comets, radiative transfer
Anthony Holloway JBCA anthony.holloway[at] Active galaxies and High Performance Computing
Eelco van Kampen ESO evkampen[at] Galaxy formation and evolution (at high- and low-redshifts), proto-clusters, galaxy clustering
Sabine Koenig Nordic ARC node sabine.koenig[at] Molecular gas and dust in starburst galaxies and AGN at low and high redshifts, nearby minor mergers
Elisabetta Liuzzo Italian ARC node liuzzo[at] High angular resolution analysis of nuclear properties of extragalactic radio-loud AGNs
Ana Lopez Sepulcre IRAM lopez[at] Astrochemistry of low- to high-mass star formation
Benjamin Magnelli German ARC node magnelli[at] Formation and evolution of high-redshift galaxies; study of mechanisms triggering and regulating their star-formation activities.; infrared/submm/mm observations of dust and molecular gas of high-redshift galaxies
Nicola Marchili Italian ARC node nicola.marchili[at] Blazar variability; interstellar scintillation and its effects on compact radio sources; the effects of cosmic rays on star formation.
Marcella Massardi Italian ARC node massardi[at] Extragalactic radio sources, high-z galaxies & galaxy formation, galaxy clusters and SZ effect, multi-wavelength surveys, instrumental calibration
Israel Matute PACE imatute[at] Multiwavelength AGN evolution; AGN feedback; the earliest SMBHs and their signature at mm and radio wavelengths
Luke Maud ESO Luke.Maud[at] Massive star formation, specifically the investigation of 'disks' around, and outflows from massive protostars. Interferometric techniques and atmospheric stability. High frequency, long baselines observations and commissioning and Band-to-Band
Anna Miotello  ESO  amiotell[at] Molecular gas and dust in protoplanetary disks and in young stellar objects.
Thomas Moeller German ARC node moeller[at] Modeling of observing data; development of MAGIX (modeling and error estimates for various codes)
Emily Moravec Czech ARC node emily.moravec[at] Radio galaxies, active galactic nuclei, galaxy clusters, radio interferometry
Lydia Moser German ARC node moser[at] Molecular gas in nearby AGN and the Galactic Center 
Galina Motorina Czech ARC node galina.motorina[at] Solar physics: differential emission measure (DEM) analysis of X-rays,
EUV, and subterahertz emission from solar flares.
Stefanie Muehle German ARC node muehle[at] Molecular gas in extreme environments; starburst galaxies and AGN; the ISM in the Galactic Centre; masers
Holger Mueller German ARC node hspm[at] Astrochemistry, star-formation, molecules in space; Spectroscopy: rotational, rovibrational, interactions, hyperfine structure, data reliability (in the lab, in astro observations, in databases)
Sebastien Muller Nordic ARC node mullers[at] Molecular gas and dust in nearby galaxies; molecular absorption; circumstellar envelopes around evolved stars
Tom Muxlow JBCA twbm[at] Extragalactic star-formation - from high redshift systems to SNR evolution in nearby galaxies, Interferometry techniques
Rosita Paladino Italian ARC node paladino[at] Star formation in nearby galaxies, magnetic fields and cosmic rays in the ISM, environmental effects on star formation processes
Ciro Pappalardo PACE ciro[at] Galaxy evolution through multiwavelength approach; SED fitting; dust and gas in nearby Universe; star formation in different environment.
Andres Perez Sanchez Allegro perezsanchez[at] Stellar evolution; circumstellar envelopes of late type stars; molecular
outflows, Maser emission and radio continuum emission towards AGB/post-AGB stars/planetary nebulae/Star-forming-regions; polarized maser emission.
Dirk Petry ESO dpetry[at] Blazars, Microquasars, Multi-wavelength campaigns, GRBs, cosmic rays, solar system objects, CASA
Gergö Popping ESO gpopping[at] Galaxy formation and evolution; gas, dust, and metals in galaxies; semi-analytic and hydrodynamic modelling; radiative transfer modelling; submillimeter/millimeter observational astronomy
Suzanna Randall ESO srandall[at] asteroseismology, late stages of stellar evolution, Extreme Horizontal Branch stars
Anita Richards JBCA amsr[at] Masers, mass loss from evolved stars, star and planet formation, interferometry
Kazi Rygl Italian ARC node kazi[at] Low- and high-mass star-forming regions, Galactic structure, OB stars, masers, astrometry, combination of Gaia optical astrometry with radio-mm astrometry
Alvaro Sanchez-Monge German ARC node sanchez[at] Massive star formation
Reinhold Schaaf German ARC node rschaaf[at] Software development for ARTIST (model library, python interface) and other telescopes (APEX, NANTEN2, CCAT)
Peter Schilke German ARC node schilke[at] Formation of massive stars; formation of molecular clouds; astrochemistry; modeling of observation data
Thomas Stanke ESO tstanke[at] Star formation: low-mass protostars, protostellar outflows, high-mass star formation
Felix Stoehr ESO fstoehr[at] Galaxy formation, dark matter distribution, dark matter annihilation, data reduction pipelines, archive
Daniel Tafoya Nordic ARC node daniel.tafoya[at] Science or technical interests: Circumstellar envelopes of evolved stars; masers; outflows and jets
Carmen Toribio Nordic ARC node toribio[at] Galaxy formation and evolution; Properties of gas in (nearby) galaxies; Galaxy clusters; Neutral hydrogen and radio recombination lines.
Liu Wenjuan
Czech ARC node wenjuan.liu[at]   The evolution of solar flare ribbons and loops using observations from grand based telescopes and satellites and with numerical simulations.
Ka Tat Wong IRAM wong[at] Evolved stars. Physics and chemistry of circumstellar envelopes. (Sub)mm and cm interferometric observations and data reduction 
Martin Zwaan ESO mzwaan[at]

Gas in galaxies at low and high redshifts, intervening absorption lines