Science at the European ARC

This is a list of the scientific interests of the staff (including ALMA COFUND Fellows and postdocs) associated with the European ARC.

Name Location Email Science or technical interests
Rebeca Aladro Nordic ARC node rebeca[at] Molecules in active galaxies. Link between physical processes and molecular abundances
Paola Andreani ESO pandrean[at] Cosmic microwave background, SZ clusters, protoclusters
Adam Avison JBCA aavison[at] Massive star formation, masers and interferometry
Miroslav Barta Czech ARC node barta[at] Solar MHD: flares and prominences, Solar radio physics, High-performance (parallel) computing
George Bendo JBCA george.bendo[at] Dust and gas-to-dust ratios in nearby galaxies (elliptical, spiral, irregular)
Arek Berlicki Czech ARC node arkadiusz.berlicki[at] Solar physics, observations and modelling of solar atmosphere, solar active regions,flares and prominences. Solar radio physics.
Frank Bertoldi German ARC node bertoldi[at] High-z galaxies and quasars, sub-millimeter observations, SZ observations of galaxy clusters, PDRs and shocks
Rob Beswick JBCA robert.beswick[at] Extragalactic star-formation (low and high redshift systems), neutral and molecular gas in galaxies, Interferometry techniques
Andy Biggs ESO abiggs[at] High-redshift star formation, (Strong) gravitational lensing
Matteo Bonato Italian ARC node bonato[at] IR and radio galaxy evolution models, Galaxy/AGN (co-)evolution, IR spectroscopy, SED modelling and decomposition.
Abhijeet Borkar Czech ARC node borkar[at] Galactic Center environment, radio interferometry, active galactic nuclei and Cosmic Archaeology
Jan Brand Italian ARC node brand[at] Physics and chemistry of the galactic ISM; properties of star-forming regions across the Galaxy; circumstellar envelopes; masers, monitoring
Sandra Burkutean Italian ARC node burkutean[at] Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in galaxy clusters; shocks in the intra-cluster medium; combination of interferometric and bolometric data
Arancha Castro-Carrizo IRAM ccarrizo[at] Evolved stars, disk and outflows, physics and chemistry of planetary nebulae. Mm-interferometry techniques and data reduction
Edwige Chapillon IRAM chapillon[at] Protoplanetary disks surrounding young low-mass stars, in particular the chemical complexity of these disks
Yanett Contreras Allegro ycontreras[at] High-mass star formation, cluster formation, molecular clouds and astrochemistry
Maria Diaz Trigo ESO mdiaztri[at] X-ray binaries, equatorial winds and jets, accretion, black holes and neutron stars, ULXs
Gary Fuller JBCA g.fuller[at] Star formation, Molecular clouds, Astrochemistry
Ciriaco Goddi Allegro C.Goddi[at] High-mass star formation, circumstellar disks and outflows, galactic masers, (nearby) SMBHs, molecular spectroscopy, mm/submm/cm interferometric observations, interferometric techniques and VLBI
Frédéric Gueth IRAM gueth[at] Star formation, embedded sources, molecular jets and outflows, physics and chemistry of shocks
Daniel Harsono Allegro harson[at] Disk formation around low-mass stars with observations and modelling
of gas and dust. Multi-dimensional radiative transfer tools. 
Evanthia Hatziminaoglou ESO ehatzimi[at] Dust in AGN, star formation in AGN, AGN formation and evolution
Michiel Hogerheijde Allegro michiel[at] star formation, protoplanetary disks, comets, radiative transfer
Anthony Holloway JBCA anthony.holloway[at] Active galaxies and High Performance Computing
Liz Humphreys ESO   Evolved stars, high mass star formation, central parsecs of Galaxies, masers
Alexander Karim German ARC node karim[at] Galaxy evolution and multi-wavelength surveys, cosmic star formation history, high redshift galaxies and structure formation, sub-millimeter galaxies, radio continuum deep fields
Eelco van Kampen ESO evkampen[at] Galaxy formation and evolution (at high- and low-redshifts), proto-clusters, galaxy clustering
Sabine Koenig Nordic ARC Node sabine.koenig[at] Molecular gas and dust in starburst galaxies and AGN at low and high redshifts, nearby minor mergers
Elisabetta Liuzzo Italian ARC node liuzzo[at] High angular resolution analysis of nuclear properties of extragalactic radio-loud AGNs
Ana Lopez Sepulcre IRAM lopez[at] Astrochemistry of low- to high-mass star formation
Matthias Maercker Nordic ARC node maercker[st] Evolution of AGB stars; mass-loss; chemistry of circumstellar envelopes, detached shells around carbon stars
Benjamin Magnelli German ARC-node magnelli[at] Formation and evolution of high-redshift galaxies; study of mechanisms triggering and regulating their star-formation activities.; infrared/submm/mm observations of dust and molecular gas of high-redshift galaxies
Marcella Massardi Italian ARC node massardi[at] Extragalactic radio sources, high-z galaxies & galaxy formation, galaxy clusters and SZ effect, multi-wavelength surveys, instrumental calibration
Luke Maud Allegro maud[at] Massive star formation, specifically the investigation of 'disks' around, and outflows from massive protostars. Interferometric techniques and atmospheric stability.
Thomas Moeller German ARC node moeller[at] Modeling of observing data; development of MAGIX (modeling and error estimates for various codes)
Lydia Moser German ARC Node moser[at] Molecular gas in nearby AGN and the Galactic Center 
Stefanie Muehle German ARC node muehle[at] Molecular gas in extreme environments; starburst galaxies and AGN; the ISM in the Galactic Centre; masers
Holger Mueller German ARC node hspm[at] Astrochemistry, star-formation, molecules in space; Spectroscopy: rotational, rovibrational, interactions, hyperfine structure, data reliability (in the lab, in astro observations, in databases)
Sebastien Muller Nordic ARC node mullers[at] Molecular gas and dust in nearby galaxies; molecular absorption; circumstellar envelopes around evolved stars
Nataliia Muratova Czech ARC node nataliia.muratova[at] Solar radio physics, development of electronics, radio instruments. 
Tom Muxlow JBCA twbm[at] Extragalactic star-formation - from high redshift systems to SNR evolution in nearby galaxies, Interferometry techniques
Rosita Paladino Italian ARC-node paladino[at] Star formation in nearby galaxies, magnetic fields and cosmic rays in the ISM, environmental effects on star formation processes
Dirk Petry ESO dpetry[at] Blazars, Microquasars, Multi-wavelength campaigns, GRBs, cosmic rays, solar system objects, CASA
Yurii Pidopryhora German ARC node yurii[at] Neutral hydrogen in the Milky Way, disk-halo transition region, superbubbles; advanced interferometric techniques
Suzanna Randall ESO srandall[at] asteroseismology, late stages of stellar evolution, Extreme Horizontal Branch stars
Anita Richards JBCA amsr[at] Masers, mass loss from evolved stars, star and planet formation, interferometry
Kazi Rygl Italian ARC node kazi[at] Low- and high-mass star-forming regions, Galactic structure, OB stars, masers, astrometry, combination of Gaia optical astrometry with radio-mm astrometry
Alvaro Sanchez-Monge German ARC node sanchez[at] Massive star formation
Reinhold Schaaf German ARC node rschaaf[at] Software development for ARTIST (model library, python interface) and other telescopes (APEX, NANTEN2, CCAT)
Peter Schilke German ARC node schilke[at] Formation of massive stars; formation of molecular clouds; astrochemistry; modeling of observation data
Ivica Skokic Czech ARC node ivica.skokic[at] Solar radio physics, XBPs, differential rotation, meteors and meteoroids
Thomas Stanke ESO tstanke[at] Star formation: low-mass protostars, protostellar outflows, high-mass star formation
Felix Stoehr ESO fstoehr[at] Galaxy formation, dark matter distribution, dark matter annihilation, data reduction pipelines, archive
Carmen Toribio Allegro node toribio[at] Galaxy formation and evolution; Properties of gas in (nearby) galaxies; Galaxy clusters; Neutral hydrogen and radio recombination lines.
Rein Warmels ESO rwarmels[at] Gas in galaxies, clusters of galaxies, interferometric techniques
Wenjuan Liu
Czech ARC node wenjuan.liu[at]   The evolution of solar flare ribbons and loops using observations from grand based telescopes and satellites and with numerical simulations.
Ka Tat Wong IRAM wong[at] Evolved stars. Physics and chemistry of circumstellar envelopes. (Sub)mm and cm interferometric observations and data reduction 
Martin Zwaan ESO mzwaan[at]

Gas in galaxies at low and high redshifts, intervening absorption lines