Tools and Tips

VIMOS-specific tools

Tools and informations to prepare and execute your VIMOS observations.

  • Guidecam Software This tool is used to select the guide star for VIMOS and to prepare the finding charts in the proper formats. It also includes PILMOS, which is a software that simulates pre-imaging observations and produces simulated pre-image FITS files to be used with VMMPS for the design of VIMOS MOS masks. It uses a WCS characterization of the instrument.
  • VIMOS Mask Preparation Software (VMMPS) This software is used to produce the masks that are going to be used to carry Multi Object Spectroscopy observation.
  • Plots of line identifications used to obtains the wavelength calibrationsfor all the VIMOS grisms.
  • VIMOS Quality Control and Data Flow Page will give you all the informations on how service data pass quality control as well as how your data are prepared and packed.
  • The VIMOS pipeline This pipeline works for all the modes of VIMOS and is available in two version: one using the ES0 Gasgano tool and one as source code using the CPL library.

Generic Tools and information

Some information and tools that are generic to all instruments.