Tools and Tips

VIMOS-specific tools

Tools and informations to prepare and execute your VIMOS observations.

  • Guidecam SoftwareThis tool is use to select the guide star for imaging mode with VIMOS and to prepare the finding charts in the proper formats.
  • VIMOS Mask Preparation Software (VMMPS)This software is used to produce the masks that are going to be used to carry Multi Object Spectroscopy observation.
  • PILMOS This software is used to simulate pre-imaging observations and produce simulated pre-image FITS files to be used with VMMPS for the design of VIMOS MOS masks. It uses a WCS characterixation of the instrument.
  • Plots of line identifications used to obtains the wavelength calibrationsfor all the VIMOS grisms.
  • VIMOS Quality Control and Data Flow Page will give you all the informations on how service data pass quality control as well as how your data are prepared and packed.
  • The VIMOS pipeline is available at the  link. This pipeline works for all the modes of VIMOS and is available in two version. One using the ES0 Gasgano tool and the other one as source code using the CPL library.

Generic Tools and information

Some information and tools that are generic to all instruments.