Abstracts 2004


December 1, 16:30 hr: Dr. Marc SARAZIN (ESO/Garching)
"20 Years of Astroclimatology at Paranal, an Update Status"
(video-link to La Silla and Paranal)

December 3, 16:30 hr: Dr. Otmar STAHL (Landessternwarte Koenigstuhl-Heidelberg & Visiting Scientist)
"A spectroscopic event of Eta Car viewed from different directions"

December 14, 11:30 hr: Dr. Sara BROUGH (1) & Dr. Rob PROCTOR (2) (Swinburne University of Technology, Centre for Astrophysics & Supercomputing, Australia)
"Brightest cluster galaxies and their environment" (1)
"Breaking the age-metallicity degeneracy in early-type galaxies using Lick indices" (2)

December 17, 16:30 hr: Dr. Martin J. WARD (University of Durham & ESO Visiting Scientist)
"The nature of ultra-luminous galactic X-ray sources" (video-link to La Silla and Paranal)


November 2, 16:30 hr: Dr. Gabriela PARISI (U. de Chile and U. Nacional de La Plata & Visiting Scientist)
"Irregular Satellites: A Window to the Young Solar System"

November 4, 16:30 hr: Dr. Michael DRINKWATER (Univ. of Queensland, Australia)
"Ultra Compact Dwarfs - A new class of galaxy"

November 8, 16:30 hr: Dr. Márcio CATELAN (PUC, Santiago)
"RR Lyrae Stars, the Formation of the Galaxy, and the Pop. II Distance Scale"

November 9, 12:15 hr: Dr. Gerda HORNECK (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR). Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrtmedizin Köln)
"Lessons learned from our biosphere for the search for extraterrestrial life" (PPT file)
ESO Faculty Talk Series No. 1 (Video-link from Garching)

November 10, 11:30 hr: Dr. Tomoki SAITO (University of Tokyo, Japan)
"Systematic Survey of Extended Lyman-alpha Sources over z~3-5"

November 12, 11:30 hr: Dr. Michael MURPHY (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK)
"Update on variability of the fine-structure constant and news about dust in damped Lyman-alpha systems"

November 16, 16:30 hr: Dr. Karen J. MEECH (University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy)
"Astrobiology at UH: Water and Life in the Universe"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

November 18, 16:30 hr: Dr. Gary DA COSTA (Mt. Stromlo Observatory, Australian National University & Visiting Scientist)
"The Structure of the Sculptor and Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies"

November 22, 16:30 hr: Dr. Vincenzo TESTA (Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma & Visiting Scientist)
"The REM telescope at La Silla. A robotic facility for prompt detection of optical/IR afterglows of GRBs"

November 24, 16:30 hr: Dr. Reynald PAIN (LPNHE, Universite de Paris VI & Visiting Scientist)
"Probing Dark Energy with Supernovae"

November 26, 11:00 hr: Dr. Christian STUETZ (Institute of Astronomy, University of Vienna)
"Tools for analysing atmospheres of early-type stars"


October 27, 16:30 hr: Dr. Carlos TORRES (Laboratorio Nacional de Astrofisica-LNA, Brazil & Visiting Scientist)
"The SACY project"

October 28, 11:30 hr: Drs. Farid RAHOUI and Olivier HAINAUT (Meudon and ESO)
"Down to Earth with OWL"


September 6, 16:30 hr: Dr. David N. SPERGEL (Princeton University and Visiting Scientist at CTIO, La Serena)
"WMAP and Beyond"(PPT file is here)
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

September 9, 16:30 hr: Dra. Ana María BARÓN (Arqueóloga, Asesora Proyecto ALMA)
"La cultura de San Pedro de Atacama"

September 22, 16:30 hr: Prof. Pierre LENA (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France)
"Science in basic education, a worldwide challenge"

September 24, 16:30 hr: Dr. William MERLINE (Southwest Research Institute, Boulder & ESO Visiting Scientist)
"Discovery and study of binary asteroids"

September 27, 16:30 hr: Dr. Oleg KOCHUKHOV (Vienna University & ESO Visiting Scientist)
"Magnetic and chemical structures in stellar atmospheres"


August 5, 16:30 hr: Dr. Guido RISALITI (Osservatorio di Arcetri)
"The starburst-AGN connection in ULIRGs"

August 6, 11:30 hr: Dr. Alan WHITING (CTIO)
"Undergraduate Research at CTIO"

August 9, 16:30 hr: Prof. Vladilen LETOKHOV (Lund Observatory)
"Astrophysical Laser in Optical FeII Lines in Gas Condensations near Eta Carinae"

August 11, 16:30 hr: Dr. Anne-Marie LAGRANGE (Grenoble Observatoire - CNRS)
"Imaging of extrasolar planets"

August 13, 11:30 hr: Dr. Ludovic DISSEAU and Dr. Poshak GANDHI (ESO/Chile)
"AGN sky-projected distributions as probes of large scale structure: The XMM Large Scale Structure Survey"

August 18, 16:30 hr: Dr. Bruno LEIBUNDGUT (ESO/Garching)
"Desperately searching double degenerates"

August 24, 16:00 hr: Prof. Hagai NETZER (School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University)
"Growing Black Holes and disappearing narrow Line Regions at High Redshift"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

August 25, 11:30 hr: Dr. Jean-Baptiste LE BOUQUIN (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique, Observatoire de Grenoble)
"High Angular Resolution Imaging and Stellar Activity in the Chemically Peculiar Ap Stars"


July 8, 16:30 hr: Dr. Pierre-Olivier LAGAGE (Service d'Astrophysique, CEA/Saclay)
"VISIR : a new powerful instrument now installed at VLT"

July 14, 16:30 hr: Dr. Sylvain CHATY (Universite Paris 7 / CEA-SAp)
"Multiwavelength study of INTEGRAL obscured sources"

July 21, 16:30 hr: Prof. Guido CHINCARINI (University of Milano-Bicocca, Physics Dept.)
"The GRB 031203, the SN and the Host Galaxy"

July 30, 16:30 hr: Dr. Mario HAMUY (Las Campanas Observatory)
"Observed and Physical Properties of Type II Plateau Supernovae"


June 2, 16:30 hr: Dr. Xavier BERTOU (University of Chicago)
- Vacas, Vizcachas y Rayos Cosmicos en el Observatorio Pierre Auger
- Astrophysics with the Pierre Auger Observatory

June 9, 16:00 hr: Prof. Meg URRY (Yale Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics)
"In Search of Supermassive Black Holes"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

June 25, 16:30 hr: Dr. Karen MEECH (University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy)
"The Deep Impact Mission and its Relation to Astrobiology: Approaching Encounter"


May 7 , 10:00 - 15:30 hr.
"Current Supernova Research"

May 10, 16:00 hr: Prof. John BALLY (University of Colorado, Boulder)
"The Self-Regulation of Star Formation: The Role of Proto-stellar Outflows"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

May 12, 16:30 hr: Dr. Vincenzo ANDRETTA (INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte & ESO Visiting Scientist)
"Elemental abundance variations in the Sun and solar-like stars"

May 24, 11:30 hr: Dr. Johan RICHARD (Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse)
"Looking for very high redshift lensed galaxies"

May 26, 16:30 hr: Dr. Klaus REINSCH (Universitäts-Sternwarte Göttingen)
"The Structure and Origin of Magnetic Fields on White Dwarfs"


April 2, 11:30 hr: Dr. Michihiro TAKAMI (University of Hertfordshire)
"A spectro-astrometric study of pre-main sequence stars -- Probing AU-scale structure --"(PPT file)

April 5, 16:30 hr: Prof. Rashid SUNYAEV (MPI for Astrophysics, Garching; Space Research Institute, Moscow & ESO Visiting Scientist)
"Clusters of Galaxies as a Tool for Cosmology"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

April 15, 14:30 - 18:30 hr.
"Accretion onto Compact Objects: Bridging Theory and Observations"

April 16, 11:30 hr: Dr. David MARTINEZ-DELGADO (Max-Planck-Institut fur Astronomie, Heidelberg)
"Tidal Streams in the Galactic halo: clues for the formation of the Milky Way"

April 21, 16:30 hr: Dr. Martin M. ROTH and Dr. Sebastian F. SANCHEZ (Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam)
"Promoting Integral Field Spectroscopy in Europe: first Results from the Euro3D Collaboration" and
"E3D, the Euro3D Visualization Tool - a Software Demonstration with first Results from VIMOS-IFU"

April 22, 10:00-15:15 hr:

April 29, 10:00-18:00 hr:


March 2, 16:30 hr: Prof. Alvio RENZINI(ESO, Garching)
"An ultradeep view of the Halo of M31"

March 8, 16:30 hr: Prof. Alvio RENZINI (ESO, Garching)
"Massive Galaxies at High Redshift"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar

March 11, 16:30 hr: Prof. Lodewijk WOLTJER (ESO former DG, currently at Observatoire de Haute Provence)
"Origins of the VLT"

March 12, 16:30 hr: Dr. Fabien MALBET (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique, Observatoire de Grenoble)
"AMBER: the near infrared VLTI instrument. Astrophysical objectives"

March 17, 16:30 hr: Prof. Lodewijk WOLTJER (ESO former DG, currently at Observatoire de Haute Provence)
"Unified models of AGN and conditions in the absorbing Torus"

March 22, 16:30 hr: Dr. Heath JONES (Australian National University & Visiting Scientist)
"Galaxy Surveys at High and Low Redshift"

March 25, 16:30 hr: Dr. Johan FYNBO (University of Aarhus & Visiting Scientist)
"Lyman-alpha selected startbursts at redshifts around 3"


February 11, 16:30 hr: Prof. John LANDSTREET (University of Western Ontario & Visiting Scientist)
"The interesting physics of middle main sequence stars"

February 19, 16:30 hr: Dr. Jochen EISLÖFFEL (Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg, Germany and ESO Visiting Scientist)
"The formation and evolution of brown dwarfs"


January 6, 11:30 hr: Dr. Yanchun C. LIANG (GEPI, Observatoire de Paris, Section de Meudon, France)
"The Luminosity-Metallicity Relation of distant luminous infrared galaxies"

January 7, 16:30 hr: Prof. Dainis DRAVINS (Lund Observatory & Visiting Scientist)
II. Observational Signatures of Stellar Surface Convection, and Effects for Exoplanet Searchess"

January 15, 16:30 hr: Prof. Thierry COURVOISIER (Integral Science Data Center, Geneva Observatory& Visiting Scientist)
"The INTEGRAL mission and its first results"

January 21, 16:30 hr: Prof. George K. MILEY (Sterrewacht Leiden & Visiting Scientist)
"Probing Distant Protoclusters using Radio Galaxies"
ESO/PUC/U.Chile Joint Astrophysical Seminar