Topical Meeting 2003


Topical Meeting "Resolved Stellar Populations" June 26-27, 2003 at ESO/Vitacura

We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the TOPICAL MEETING on "Resolved Stellar Populations", to be held in June 26-27, 2003, at ESO/Vitacura.


Advances in ground- and space-based observational capabilities, as well as modelling tools, have enabled us to study the resolved stellar populations of Local Group galaxies and beyond with unprecedented details. Wide-field surveys are used to probe the structure of halos of the Milky Way and M31 and to test the role of accretion in halo's formation. The combination of 8m telescope and space-based data allows for the construction of colour-magnitude diagrams of local dwarf galaxies, revealing a variety of star-formation histories in relation with different environments. Accurate determinations of distances to dwarf galaxies put constraints on the structure of the Local Group and age of the Universe, whilst the study of their orbits and internal dynamics sheds light on the distribution of dark matter. Meanwhile, efforts are being made in the theoretical front to refine the models of stellar evolution, population synthesis, metallicity enrichment and feedback mechanisms, and also in the cosmology of the Local Universe.

This workshop aims to bring together astronomers from a variety of specialities and interests, to examine the progress that has been made in this field, and to encourage collaborations and of complementarity of expertise.


The meeting will consist of 20-30 minute talks, starting with a few reviews on the subject followed by presentations of participants' works. There will also be opportunities for students and postdocs to show off their current projects as posters or short (5-10 minutes) oral presentations.


Registration deadline: 13 June 2003



Danielle Alloin, ESO/Chile
George Hau, ESO/Chile
Gianni Marconi, ESO/Chile
Dante Minniti, PUC
Alan Whiting, CTIO


  • Doug Geisler (Universidad de Concepcion)
    "HST/ACS Observations of M33's Outer Halo"
  • Eduardo Hardy (NRAO/AUI-Chile) 
    "Resolved Pops. in Fornax and the LMC" or "Kinematics of the LMC From Its Carbon Star Resolved Population"
  • Valentin D. Ivanov (ESO)
    "Evolutionary stellar population models in the near infrared"
  • William Kunkel (LCO)
  • Alistair Walker (NOAO/CTIO)
    "The Carina DSph galaxy: stellar populations"


REGISTRATION FORM: to be returned to G.Hau ( AND A.Lagarini ( before June 13, sharp.

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