Phase 2 Proposal Preparation: The P2PP Tool

IMPORTANT NOTE: From Period 90 onwards, users of Paranal telescopes must use P2PP 3 to prepare their observations. The legacy version of P2PP mentioned on this page is only to be used for observations on La Silla or remaining ones in P89 on UT1, UT3, UT4 or the VLTI.

What is P2PP?

The Phase 2 Proposal Preparation (P2PP) Tool is used to create and manage Observation Blocks (OBs). These OBs are used to describe observing sequences for all ESO instruments, both in Visitor Mode and in Service Mode. For further information, see the P2PP User Manual. In Service Mode P2PP is also used to submit the other elements composing the Phase 2 package, including finding charts, a Readme file, and possibly ephemerides files for moving targets.

Please note that the ID and password for the use of P2PP are your ESO User Portal username and password.

Current Version: P2PP 2.13.1 - P2PP version 2.13.1 is be used to prepare, submit, or retrieve any OBs from the ESO OB Repository. P2PP version 2.13.1 can be retrieved through our registration and download page and will work with Java 1.5 or higher.

What is new in this release ?

  • P2PP 2.13.1 is identical to P2PP 2.13, except that the ESO User Portal username undergoes a case-insensitive check when used in P2PP.
  • P2PP 2.13 has been modified such that it now accepts only your ESO User Portal username and password. For this version, both the ESO User Portal username and password are case-sensitive.

Older news

  • P2PP 2.12 has been ported to Java 1.5. Our P2PP download page will allow you to retrieve the appropriate version of the Java Runtime Environment, if it is not yet installed on your computer.
  • Starting with this version of P2PP, the differential velocities for moving targets are to be specified directly in the target package, and not in the acquisition template anymore. Please check Section 5.5.3 of the P2PP User Manual for more details.
  • The README file for Service Mode runs is now integrated within P2PP and should not be submitted separately as a plain text file. In this way, the entire Phase 2 submission now takes place from within P2PP.
  • The Ephemerides files for moving targets must now be attached to their corresponding OBs, in a way analogous to the way that finding charts are attached to their OBs since Period 73.
  • The P2PP-submit mechanism used to notify to ESO the completion of the Phase 2 submission process is now also integrated in P2PP. The e-mail to that users were requested to send at the end of their Phase 2 preparation is thus replaced now by just clicking a button in the P2PP main GUI.
  • Since Period 74, the constraint set has been customized for each instrument, and is now distributed as a part of the Instrument Package. The change is transparent to the user. See the P2PP User Manual for more details.
  • Since Period 73, finding charts for Service Mode runs must be produced as JPEG files, attached to the OBs, and submitted to the ESO Database as a component of the OBs using the Finding Chart facility in P2PP.

Problem reports

Please report any problems with the installation or use of P2PP to the ESO User Support Department

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