ESSENCE FORS1 Advanced Data Products Available Via Phase 3

FORS1 at the VLT

The project "Equation of State: SupErNovae trace Cosmic Expansion" (ESSENCE) aimed to collect ~200 Type Ia SNe over the redshift range 0.15 to 0.75 to study the equation of state of Dark Energy. Spectra were taken for this project with FORS1 in a Large Programme (ID 170.A-0519) and published by Matheson et al. 2005. Advanced data products are now available for these spectra via the query form of the Science Archive.

The ESSENCE spectra were ingested via the Phase 3 infrastructure and the migration enhanced the value of the products by adding useful information to the FITS headers, such as recovering the processing provenance and the association with the raw data. More detailed information about the ESSENCE release can be found in the associated Phase 3 release description.