FLAMES/GIRAFFE Reduced 1D Spectra Available from ESO Archive

Published: 22 May 2015
FLAMES OzPoz fibre positioner

All spectra obtained with the FLAMES/GIRAFFE spectrograph in the multi-object (MEDUSA) mode, from June 2005 until December 2014, are now published via the Science Archive as reduced data. The extracted, wavelength calibrated, one-dimensional spectra are in tabular FITS format, using the science data products standard.

The MEDUSA 1D-spectra come with error estimates and signal-to-noise ratio per wavelength bin and the wavelength scale is in the heliocentric reference system. There are a number of files associated at download time to each spectrum, including sky spectra when available. The GIRAFFE_MEDUSA data collection will grow with time, with new reduced spectra being added with a monthly cadence. In addition, FLAMES GIRAFFE spectra acquired before June 2005 will also soon be added to the collection. The 1D spectra tagged "GIRAFFE_MEDUSA", can be queried and downloaded using the Phase 3 generic query form that provides access to all Phase 3 data, or the Phase 3 spectral data query form with query parameters suited to harvest spectral data.

More details about the GIRAFFE_MEDUSA data can be found in the associated Phase 3 data release description. Instructions on how to read and display 1D spectra in the FITS tabular format can be found in the 1d spectrum data format help page.