Science and Technology with the E-ELT

Published: 10 Jun 2015
E-ELT on Armazones

INAF, ESO & FP7-OPTICON School, Erice, Sicily, Italy, 8–20 October 2015

As the E-ELT and its instruments move into the construction phase, it is timely to re-examine the science cases in detail and to turn to the training of the astronomers who will use these facilities. The "F. Lucchin" International PhD School STEEL will provide a comprehensive training in both the science and the technologies used to deliver astronomical results with the range of E-ELT instruments. The school is open to postgraduate and masters students and early career postdoc researchers, with space for around 80-100 participants.

The School will be held at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture. Lectures at the School will cover the full range of E-ELT science cases from diffraction limited monitoring of Solar System objects to the expansion of the Universe, via exoplanets, stellar population studies and much more. "Hands on" sessions will be offered in techniques ranging from crowded-region photometry, to the analysis of integral field spectroscopic data and simulations of observations with adaptive optics systems.

Details can be found on the School webpage or by email for further inquiries. As places are limited, pre-registration before 28 June 2015 is recommended. The final registration deadline is 31 July 2015.