New Data Release of VVV Photometric Catalogues

Published: 25 Aug 2015
JHKs image of M20 from the VVV survey

The VISTA Public Survey VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea (VVV) is a wide area (562 square degrees), near-infrared, multi-epoch imaging survey of the Milky Way Bulge and Disk. The initial survey in the five broadband filters Z, Y, J, H, Ks is followed by extensive multi-epoch observations in the Ks-band. This new release consists of three high level photometric catalogues superseding the previous release.

The observations carried out up to 30 September 2011 with all the approved data from the CASU v1.3 pipeline reduction are now complemented by three high-level photometric catalogues, which therefore supersede the previously released catalogues:

  • The five-band photometric catalogue records object coordinates, fluxes, color indices as well as associated quality information. In total, the catalogue contains 418 562 470 sources. All duplicates arising from the overlaps between adjacent tiles have been removed, leaving only primary detections.
  • Multi-epoch Ks band photometry of the sources is provided in a separate catalogue consisting of 2 561 652 334 flux measurements from 379 558 809 sources.
  • Sources classified as variable are recorded in a third catalogue, which contains mean magnitude, photometric amplitudes and probability of variability. In total, the catalogue of variable stars contain 13 266 759 sources.

The data are fully searchable and accessible from the ESO Archive catalogue facility query interface (either the entire dataset or user-defined subsets).