ESO Engineering and Technology Research Fellowships – 2017

Published: 15 Nov 2016
The 4 Laser Guide Stars of the VLT Adaptive Optics Facility

A strong Research and Development (R&D) programme is at the core of ESO's mission to build and operate state-of-the-art facilities for the advancement of astronomical research. Following the framework of the prestigious Fellowship Programme, ESO is awarding one postdoctoral fellowship to an outstanding early-career young researcher in engineering or technical disciplines to further develop her/his independent research programme by joining one of the on-going projects.

The ESO Engineering and Technology Research (EETR) Fellow will be based at ESO Headquarters in Garching near Munich, Germany. The fellowship starts with an initial contract of one year followed by a two-year extension (three years total). The EETR Fellow is expected to work in one of the current engineering-related R&D projects for a minimum of 50% of her/his time (potential projects listed here). The remaining time may be dedicated to independent research on condition that it focusses on one of the broad topical areas identified for ESO R&D projects.

The fellowship is open to applicants who will have achieved a PhD degree in an engineering-related discipline by 1 November 2017. A Masters degree with additional R&D experience in industry or research organizations is treated as equivalent. Candidates with a background in physics or astronomy are also welcome to apply, provided their work focusses on R&D relevant to the ESO programme; the quality of the research plan is then the primary selection criterion.

If you are interested in enhancing your early career through an EETR Fellowship, then please apply by completing the web application form on the ESO recruitment portal. Details of the Terms of Service for Fellows, including details of remuneration, are available. The deadline for applications is 15 December 2016.

For any additional questions please contact:
Eric Emsellem, Tel. +49 89 3200 6914 or email.