Release of Spectra and Catalogue from VIPERS Public Survey

Published: 18 Dec 2016
VIPERS redshift slice for CFHTLS W1 field

More than ninety thousand spectra and a redshift catalogue have now been released from the VIMOS Public Extragalactic Redshift Survey (VIPERS), the Public Spectroscopic Survey carried out under ESO Large Programme 182.A-0886, PI L. Guzzo. This is the largest spectroscopic galaxy redshift survey conducted so far with VLT Paranal facilities.

The spectra are distributed over two equatorial fields, centered around RA=2 hrs (W1 CFHTLS field) and RA=22 hrs (W4 CFHTLS field), covering an overall area of ~23.5 square degrees. There are 91507 1-D extracted spectra in this data release, of which 86775 are galaxy spectra. These data provide an unprecedented sampling in volume, statistics on the number of galaxies and of the large-scale structure at redshift between 0.5 and 1.2.

Spectra can be browsed and downloaded via the Phase 3 main form and the Phase 3 spectral query form. The redshift catalogue is available through the Catalogue Facility query interface. More information on this data release can be found in the extensive description.