Reaching New Heights in Astronomy

Published: 23 Mar 2017
Artist's impression of the ELT at night

Celebrating ESO's achievements and perspectives from 10 years of Tim de Zeeuw as Director General
ESO Headquarters, Garching, Germany, 28–30 August 2017

Planning is underway for a conference to mark the decade of Tim de Zeeuw as Director General on the occasion of his departure from ESO. The conference will feature mostly invited talks and will extend from Monday afternoon until Wednesday midday. Full details and registration information will be available soon on the conferences and workshops page. Please mark your calendar.

Invited speakers include:
Guillem Anglada-Escudé (Uni. London)
Roland Bacon (CRAL)
Karina Caputi (Groningen)
Maria-Rosa Cioni (AIP)
Frank Eisenhauer (MPE)
Reinhard Genzel (MPE)
Catherine Heymans (Edinburgh)
Matt Mountain (STScI)
Elaine Sadler (Sydney)
Ignas Snellen (Leiden)
Massimo Stiavelli (STScI)
Leonardo Testi (ESO)
Ewine van Dishoeck (Leiden)
Johann-Dietrich Wörner (ESA)

The Scientific Organising Committee consists of: Roland Bacon (CRAL); Rob Ivison (ESO, chair); Markus Kissler-Patig (Gemini); Konrad Kuijken (Leiden); Marina Rejkuba (ESO); Jean-René Roy (Laval); Linda Tacconi (MPE); Maria Teresa Ruiz (Univ. Chile); Jeremy Walsh (ESO).