Workshop: Preparing for 4MOST - Registration Open

Published: 26 Nov 2018

ESO, Garching, Germany, 6–8 May 2019

4MOST is a state-of-the-art, high-multiplex, optical spectroscopic survey facility currently under construction for ESO’s 4-metre VISTA telescope. During the first five years of operations 4MOST will be used to execute a comprehensive programme of both Galactic and extragalactic Public Surveys, and 30% of the observing time during this period will be available to the community. The process of selecting Community Public Surveys will be initiated by a Call for Letters of Intent for Public Spectroscopic Surveys, to be issued by ESO in mid-2019. In preparation of this Call, ESO and the 4MOST Consortium are jointly organising a workshop to prepare the ESO community for this exciting scientific opportunity, to assist potential PIs in successfully responding to the Call, and to foster scientific collaborations between the community and the 4MOST Consortium.  

The main goals of the workshop include providing the ESO community with up-to-date information regarding the 4MOST facility, its capabilities, survey strategy, data reduction and science pipelines. In addition the workshop programme will cover the 4MOST Consortium’s scientific plans and the application and selection processes for 4MOST Community Public Surveys. The workshop will also provide the ESO community with an opportunity to present their scientific ideas for 4MOST Community Surveys and a platform for collaboration between potential Community Survey PIs and the 4MOST Consortium.

Registration is now open. Please see the workshop website for more details.