Data Release: Spectra from the XSHOOTER GRB Afterglow Legacy Sample (XS-GRB)

Published: 20 Nov 2018
Sky distribution for the GRB in the data release.
The positions of the GRBs in this release are indicated by red symbols.

This data release provides 1D spectra of 103 individual afterglows that were observed with the X-shooter spectrograph within 48 hours of the GRB trigger. The data release includes a few late-time host observations also for completeness. The total collection of spectra represents all GRB afterglows that have been followed up with XSHOOTER before 31 March 2017. This date marks the end of the XS-GRB legacy follow-up programme. Redshifts have been measured for 97% of these sources, covering a redshift range from 0.059 to 7.84, hence this dataset provides a unique resource to study the ISM across cosmic time.

The reduced spectra in this release are available via the Science Portal and the spectroscopic query form. They include estimates of the continuum and telluric absorption corrections. Please consult the release description for further information.