Workshop: High-Resolution Spectroscopy in the Era of ALMA, JWST and ELT

Published: 22 Apr 2019

Sexten, Italy, 22–26 July 2019 

This workshop will bring together researchers working with one of the leading facilities available today (ALMA) in order to plan for the next generation (JWST, ELT). Key to the motivation for this workshop is that astronomers must harness the high spatial resolution spectroscopic capabilities of each of these facilities, in a multi-wavelength approach, in order to reach their scientific goals.  

The meeting is focussed around this technique, rather than a specific science area, in order to capture the combined scientific power of all facilities. This meeting will bring together researchers in different astrophysical areas (star and planet formation, evolved stars, resolved stellar populations, galaxy evolution), and with expertise in each of these  telescopes, to plan the programmes we need to answer the most important outstanding astronomical questions debated today. The participation of early stage researchers is strongly encouraged.

The abstract submission deadline is 17 May 2019, and registration deadline is 31 May (or until all available spaces are filled). Please see the meeting website for more details or e-mail the organisers.