Call for Science Verification Proposals for ESPRESSO in 4-UT Mode

Published: 14 Jun 2019
NAOMI at first light

The ESPRESSO 4-UT mode is a new capability offered at the VLT. The commissioning of this instrument mode is nearing completion, and an integral part of this process is Science Verification (SV). SV programmes include a set of typical scientific observations that should verify and demonstrate to the community the capabilities of the new instrument in the operational framework of the VLT Observatory. ESO encourages the community to submit highly challenging or risky science observations that will push ESPRESSO in 4-UT mode to its limits in order to better understand the performance parameter space and its constraints.

The call for proposals for ESPRESSO 4-UT mode can be found at its Science Verification webpage. The deadline for proposal submission is 5 July 2019, 18:00 CEST.