2nd ESO-Australia conference: The Build-up of Galaxies through Multiple Tracers and Facilities

Published: 22 Aug 2019

Perth, Australia, 17–21 February 2020 

By 2020, the first major results will be obtained from a huge variety of “pathfinder” facilities that are operating with entirely new types of survey instruments. These pathfinders have the common aim of untangling galaxy evolution physics, and so it is important that first science results are communicated across various disciplines. This is the main purpose of the second Australia-ESO conference, allowing us to start serious conversations about the future coordination of next-generation galaxy evolution surveys. 

Key topics to be discussed during the conference include:

  • the baryon cycle in our own Galactic neighbourhood.
  • the local Universe;
  • transients;
  • galaxies across time;
  • Cosmic Dawn and the epoch of reionisation.

Childcare support will be provided to maximise participation of those with carer responsibilities.

Please see the meeting webpage for more information. The deadline for early registration and abstract submission is 1 October 2019