Workshop: Science with APEX

Published: 12 Oct 2019

Schloss Ringberg, Germany, 2–5 February 2020 

In the last two years, APEX has been significantly improved by upgrades of the antenna itself as well as by the commissioning of new instruments almost continuously covering the range from 157 to 732 GHz. These improvements have been most visible at the highest frequencies, which have now become standard operations. Two new wide-field bolometer cameras are also expected to come online in the next 2 years. The science with APEX workshop will bring together APEX users and other interested scientists working on a wide range of exciting results covering the Solar System to distant galaxies in the early Universe. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to present new science results and to look into new science opportunities for the next years.

The registration deadline is 1 December 2019. Further details can be found on the conference webpage.