ESO Science Data Products Standard Version 8 Published

Published: 11 Apr 2022

Phase 3 denotes the process of preparation, validation and ingestion of science data products (SDPs) in the ESO science archive facility, and subsequent data publication to the scientific community. SDPs are data products with instrument and atmospheric signatures removed, calibrated in physical units, with noise properties (like limiting magnitude or signal-to-noise ratio) quantified and documented. Version 8 of the ESO Science Data Products standard is now published.

Highlights of the revisions are:

  • Extensive review of the catalogue section to i) incorporate a new data format to support multi-epoch catalogue data and ii) improve readability and clarity of the text.
  • Two interface changes are introduced:
    • The white light image inherits the HDUCLASS scheme of the science data cube in case of multiple HDUs.
    • Propagation of keyword values from science files to a catalogue.

For more detailed information, please consult the change record from the previous version, which is available in the document.