09:15 Registration (M.E. Gómez, P. Jirón)
09:45 Welcome (C. Melo)
Practical information (B. Dias, I. Saviane)
Milky Way - session I
Chair: Bruno Dias (total 1:20 + 1:15)
10:00 INVITED - Patricia Tissera Chemical evolution of Milky Way-­‐type galaxies
10:35 Cont. Talk - Sandro Villanova Multiple populations in NGC1851
10:50 Cont. Talk - Felipe Gran High resolution analysis of the Globular Cluster NGC 6544
11:05 Cont. Talk - Aldo Mura Chemical Study of the Globular Cluster NGC-­‐5927
11:20 Coffee break
11:45 Cont. Talk - Doug Geisler The Curious Case of NGC 6791
12:00 Cont. Talk - Baitian Tang The Gaia-­‐ESO Survey: the Inner Disk Intermediate-­‐Age Open Cluster NGC 6802
12:15 Cont. Talk - Heinz
Uncovering Multiple Populations in NGC 7099 using Washington Photometry
12:30  Discussion Bruno Dias
13:00 LUNCH  (offered by the Workshop)
Milky Way - session II
Chair: Dante Minniti (total 1:30)
14:00 Cont. Talk - Kathy Vivas Where is the progenitor galaxy of Omega Centauri?
14:15 Cont. Talk - Ivo Saviane GOTHAM survey: Homogeneous metallicities of Galactic globular clusters
14:30 Cont. Talk - César Muñoz Tracing the Chemical Evolution of Galactic Bulge Globular Clusters
14:45 Cont. Talk - Roger Cohen
High Resolution Imaging of Galactic Bulge Globular Clusters  
15:00 Discussion Dante Minniti
15:30 Coffee break
Magellanic clouds
Chair: Doug Geisler (total 2:05)
16:00 INVITED Celeste Parisi
Chemical Evolution of the Magellanic Clouds
16:35 Cont. Talk - Bruno Dias 
VISCACHA survey: disentangling the SMC history using star clusters
16:50 Cont. Talk - Venu Kalari
(Presented by M. Rubio)
Resolved star formation in the Magellanic Clouds
17:05 Cont. Talk - Carolina Salgado Investigating globular cluster abundance anomalies in SMC Intermediate-­‐Age Star Clusters
17:20 Cont. Talk - Ricardo Salinas
The overlooked role of stellar variability in the extended main sequence of LMC intermediate-­‐age clusters
17:40 Discussion Doug Geisler
18:10 End of the day
18:40 Drinks and dinner (not covered by the workshop)

FRIDAY, March 3

Dynamics and models 
Chair: Patricia Tissera - TBC (total 1:35)
9:30 INVITED Michael Fellhauer
Formation and evolution of compact stellar objects (from a theoretical point of view)
10:05 Cont. Talk - Tjarda Boekholt
Star cluster dynamics in an oscillating filament
10:20 Cont. Talk - Joshua Tan Using FEWBODY  to model the dynamics of binaries in cluster environments
10:35 Discussion Patricia Tissera
11:05 Coffee break
Chair: Christian Moni-Bidin (total 1:00 + 1:00)
11:30 Cont. Talk - Dante Minniti Globular clusters in the VVV survey
11:45 Cont. Talk - Javier Alonso-García Variable stars in the VVV globular clusters
12:00 Cont. Talk - Jura Borissova Star clusters in the VVV survey
12:15 Cont. Talk - Claudio Navarro Variable Stars in the Galactic Center as revealed by the VVV Survey
12:30 Lunch  (offered by the Workshop)

13:45 Cont. Talk - Nicolás Medina Identification and classification of variable sources in VVV
14:00  Discussion Christian Moni-Bidin
Chair: Ricardo Muñoz (total 2:35)
14:30 INVITED - Thomas Puzia Stellar populations in extragalactic globular cluster systems
15:05 Coffee break
15:30 Cont. Talk - Ricardo Muñoz Milky way dwarf galaxy system
15:45 Cont. Talk - Gustavo Morales
Stellar Tidal Streams as Cosmological Diagnostics    
16:00 Cont. Talk - Julio A. Carballo-Bello The Sagittarius tidal streams around the globular cluster Whiting1
16:15 Cont. Talk - Hongxin Zhang The Impact of Star Formation Histories on Stellar Mass Estimation of Dwarf Galaxies
16:30 Cont. Talk - Felipe Santana Spatially Resolved Star Formation History of the Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
16:45 Discussion
Ricardo Muñoz
17:15 Final remarks Bruno Dias, Ivo Saviane
17:30 End of the day