MONDAY: Stellar population studies from resolved Galactic stellar clusters

Morning chair: Hugues Sana

Afternoon chair: Giovanni Carraro

09:15 Welcome    
09:30 Valery Kravtsov U. Catolica del Norte Signs of the complexity of the stellar population in the differentially reddened Galactic globular cluster NGC 3201
09:50 Christian Moni Bidin U. de Concepcion What we would like to know about hot HB stars in globular clusters
10:10 Aldo Valcarce U. Catolica Study of the He-Enrichment in Globular Clusters
10:30 Sandro Villanova U. de Concepcion Multiple populations in Globular Clusters as traced by the chemical content of stars
10:50 Coffee break    
11:20 Ivo Saviane ESO Stellar abundances of Palomar 1
11:40 Alistair Walker CTIO Luminosity Functions of Evolved Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters
12:00 Steve Margheim Gemini South Lithium In Hyades K dwarfs
12:30 Giovanni Carraro ESO Binary star clusters in the Milky Way
12:40 Discussion    
13:00 Lunch    
14:00 Michelle Edwards Gemini South Near-Infrared Narrow-Band Imaging Survey to Search for Massive Stars in Cl 1806-20
14:20 Hugues Sana ESO A MAD view of the Tr-14 young open cluster
14:40 Christian Nitschelm U. Catolica del Norte Study of the duplicity and multiplicity in the Sco-Cen Complex
15:00 Karen Kinemuchi U. de Concepcion First Results of the Southern Open Cluster Study
15:20 Coffee break    
15:50 Jura Borissova U. de Valparaiso Hidden star clusters in our Galaxy
16:10 Radostin Kurtev U. de Valparaiso Massive stellar population of the hidden Milky Way clusters
16:30 Valentin Ivanov ESO Milky Way cluster census
16:50 Discussion    

TUESDAY: Extra-galactic star clusters

Morning chair: Steffen Mieske

Afternoon chair: Mark Gieles

09:30 Chris Evans UK ATC Edinburgh Exploring open clusters in the Magellanic Clouds with VLT-FLAMES
09:50 Celeste Parisi U. de Cordoba (Arg) Abundances and Kinematics of 16 SMC clusters determined from CaT Spectroscopy
10:10 Andrea Ahumada ESO Integrated spectral properties of compact star clusters of the Magellanic Clouds
10:30 Peter Pessev Gemini South Multi-wavelength integrated-light view of the cluster systems in the Magellanic Clouds.Some implications to the SSP models
10:50 Coffee break
11:20 Ricardo Schiavon Gemini North The metallicities and abundance patterns of globular clusters in M31
11:40 Iraklis Konstantopoulos UCL/ESO/Gemini M33 as a test-case for star cluster population statistics
12:00 Marcelo Mora U. de Valparaiso The young and old cluster population of NGC45
12:20 Doug Geisler U. de Concepcion The NGC 5128 globular cluster system
12:40 Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Andres Jordan U. Catolica Results from the ACS/Virgo Cluster Survey
14:20 Gelys Trancho Gemini South Star Clusters in Galaxy Mergers
14:40 Bryan Miller Gemini South Globular Clusters and Nuclei in Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies
15:00 Michael West ESO Intergalactic Globular Clusters in Abell 1185
15:20 Coffee break
15:50 Steffen Mieske ESO The most massive star clusters
16:10 Joerg Dabringhausen Bonn The mass-to-light ratios of ultra compact dwarf galaxies - indication for a top-heavy IMF?
16:30 Igor Chilingarian Paris Observatory Analysis of UCD and GC spectra: effects of IMF vs dark matter
16:50 Discussion

WEDNESDAY: Star formation in (embedded) clusters and dynamics

Morning Chair: Ivo Saviane

09:30 Luis Chavarria U. de Chile Spitzer-NIR study of massive embedded clusters
09:50 Dieter Nuernberger ESO Ongoing Star Formation in IRAS 19410+2336
10:10 Saurabh Sharma U. de Valparaiso Galactic open clusters: IMF and Star-formation
10:30 Michael Fellhauer U. de Concepcion Merging sub-clumps in embedded star clusters
10:50 Coffee break
11:20 Mark Gieles ESO Formation and Disruption of Star Clusters
11:40 Tom Richtler U. de Concepcion Dynamics of Globular Cluster Systems
12:00 Hans Zinnecker AIP Potsdam R136 cluster in 30 Doradus
12:20 Discussion
12:40 Lunch

The final program can also be dowload in pdf format from here.