Giovani Carraro
Associate Astronomer, Planetary Sciences
Staff, Paranal Observatory Sciences Operations
Scientific interest:

Giovanni Carraro is a support astronomer at VLT Paranal. He received his PhD in Astronomy from Padova University in 1996. He was a postdoc at SISSA/ISAS and Padova University, and later he was Andes Fellow at Yale and the Universidad de Chile. Since 1999 he holds an assistant professorship at Padova University. His scientific interests include open star clusters and Milky Way structure and evolution, Galaxy formation, and small objects in the solar system.

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Santiago contact #:
Tel (Santiago office): +56-2-463-3097
Tel (Santiago standard): +56-2-463-3000
Fax (Santiago): +56-2-463-3001

Paranal contact #:
Tel (Paranal standard): +56-55-43-5000
Fax (Paranal): +56-55-43-5001