Thesis Topic: Protocluster formation: effect of radio activity on cluster and star formation


Thesis Supervisor: Paola Andreani

External supervisors: Gianfranco De Zotti (INAF-Padova), Giulia Rodighiero (University of Padova), Manuela Magliocchetti (INAF-IFSI, Roma)



Spitzer and Herschel discovered a population of faint optical sources likely at redshift larger than /equal to 2
lying along filaments and/or likely candidate members of a protocluster in formation.
Some of them are found in the field of a radio galaxy, some were discovered because magnified by gravitational lensing.

The thesis aims at analysing the data taken by Spitzer and Herschel and their follow up observations with other instruments.
Among those critical follow up observations will be carried out by ALMA. ALMA will be able to identify these sources, confirming
their photometric redshift, imaging them and study their physics (star formation, environment-dependent star formation, etc).

The final goal is to put them in a coherent picture of galaxy formation and interaction mechanism with the radio galaxy.

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