Thesis Topic: Mass transfer in interacting binaries - numerical simulations


Thesis Supervisor: Henri Boffin




Many interesting systems, such as barium stars, carbon dwarfs, blue straggler stars, symbiotic stars and central stars of planetary nebulae, are now thought to be the result of mass transfer from an evolved giant star in its last stage of its evolution. The exact nature of this transfer - via stable Roche lobe overflow, via stellar wind, or both? - is however still debated, as is the nature of the progenitors of these systems. Using numerical simulations with the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics method, I propose to study such mass transfer in detail and compare the results with observations. Particularly important will be the determination of the mass and angular momentum lost from the system, as this play a crucial role in the further evolution of the system, as well as the chemical pollution and change in spin of the accreting star.

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