AGN feedback: a multi-wavelength approach


Thesis Supervisor: Vincenzo Mainieri / Paolo Padovani




Most of the current models of galaxy formation predict energetic kpc scale outflows to reproduce several properties of local massive galaxies. These large scale outflows can be powered by star-formation or AGN. In terms of AGN-driven outflows, the coupling between the energy released by the central super-massive black hole (SMBH) and the surrounding matter is usually described in two forms: a “radio-jet” or a “radiatively-driven wind”. The first feedback mode is thought to be more prevalent in radio-loud AGN and strong outflows have been observed. Since radio-loud AGN are a minority of the AGN population, this mode of interaction between the central SMBH and its host galaxy could be limited to a fraction of the overall galaxy population. It is therefore important to verify and accumulate observational evidences of a feedback mode that could be active for the majority of radio-quiet AGN.

We are offering a PhD project to find observational evidences of radiative feedback from AGNs using a multi-wavelength dataset.

The main lines of research of the proposed project are:

  • Use NIR integral field spectroscopic data obtained with SINFONI/VLT (link to to reveal AGN-driven outflows from the presence of high-velocity, broad and extended [OIII]l5007 emission. Twenty-four hours of SINFONI time have been already allocated to our group. The data should be taken by March 2014.

The thesis can be tailored to the student's preference and skills.

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