Cluster Deep Field Overview

The FORS-ISAAC Cluster Deep Field

Cluster Deep Field


The Cluster Deep Field is a deep multicolor imaging study of a Galaxy Cluster,part of the FORS and ISAAC Science Verification program.

The cluster was selected according to the following criteria:

  • Existence of published data indicating a large mass/velocity dispersionat redshift=[0.3-0.5].
  • Optimal visibility throughout most part of the night in January-March (i.e.RA=8-11hr)
  • Existence of gravitational arcs

Science goals include:

  • Detailed study of the cluster mass distribution from gravitational lensingshear maps, magnification bias and strong lensing features
  • Study the cluster galaxy population down to ~4 mag below L*, using color-magdiagrams
  • Search for highly magnified distant galaxies
  • Obtain photometric redshifts of all galaxies in the field
  • Identify interesting stars in the field

The selection narrowed on the X-ray selected cluster MS1008.1-1224from the Einstein Medium Sensitivity Survey (EMSS, Gioia & Luppino,1994, ApJS, 94, 583) at z=0.30, also part of the CNOC Survey (Carlberget al. 1996, ApJ, 462, 32).

 MS1008.1-1224 RA(2000)= 10 10 32.2, DEC(2000)=-12 39 55

UBVRIJHK ovservations were initially planned for the clusterfield with total integration times of 6, 4 hours in U andB, respectively, and 3 hours in all the other bands. However,the U-band and H-band observations could not be executed, whileexposures in the other bands totalled up to roughly 50% of the plannedintegrations.