ISAAC Spectroscopy Data Reduction

MS1512-cB58: Low-resolution spectroscopy in the H-band of MS1512-cB58

A preliminary data reduction was done. The object was observed for twopositions in the slit hereafter a and b. The 8 a images wereaveraged with a sigma clipping algorithm to reject bad pixels/cosmics.The 13 b images were average in the same way. a-b and b-a images werethen computed, the b-a images aligned with the a-b image and the twoimages averaged. The same was repeatedfor the second set of a and b frames (slightly shifted with respect tothe first one). These two resulting images were aligned and averaged toproduce the final exposure of 5040 sec effective exposure time (countshowever corresponding to 120sec).

The data were neither flatfield, nor calibrated.The wavelength calibration needs to be done over the OH lines.A standard star spectrum to flux calibrate the data is provided in theobservations part of this release.

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