ODT Reports

CCD Testing


  • Test of AIRPAX Bimetal Disc Thermostat Fuses
    by R. Reiss, S. Deiries (ESO-Doc-No. VLT-SPE-ESO-14679-5049, issue 1.0, Jul/27/2010,as pdf-file, 1.6 MB)
  • The potential of Cryotiger Cryostats (upgrades) for ESO´s Observatories
    by S. Deiries (ESO-Doc-No. VLT-TRE-INS-13620-3081, issue 1.0, Jun/25/2003,as pdf-file, 700 kB)
  • Cryotiger Cryostats for the Cooling of Scientific CCDs at ESO - A Suitability Discussion
    by S. Deiries (ESO-Doc-No. VLT-TRE-INS-13620-2861, issue 2.0, Jan/13/2003,as pdf-file, 660 kB)

Software Release Notes

Lab Safety