Wavelength Table

Spectral configurations

Spectral Mode Central Wavelength Full Wavelength range
LR-HK -- 1.460μm-2.540μm
MR-H 1.65μm 1.54μm-1.82μm
MR-K 2.1μm 1.926μm-2.275μm
2.3μm 2.126μm-2.474μm
HR-K 1.979μm 1.955μm-2.003μm
2.018μm 1.994μm-2.042μm
2.056μm 2.032μm-2.079μm
2.095μm 2.071μm-2.118μm
2.133μm 2.110μm-2.156μm
2.172μm 2.149μm-2.195μm
2.211μm 2.187μm-2.235μm
2.249μm 2.226μm-2.272μm
2.288μm 2.265μm-2.311μm
2.326μm 2.303μm-2.348μm
2.365μm 2.342μm-2.387μm
2.403μm 2.381μm-2.425μm
2.442μm 2.420μm-2.464μm
2.481μm 2.459μm-2.503μm

In MR-K and HR-K the actual covered range depends on the choosen exposure time, DIT. In P82 without FINITO only DIT=25, 50ms and 100ms are allowed, were 50ms (100ms) on the ATs) DIT should only be used in Differential Phase observations, under excellent seeing conditions, or in HR-K mode to have a suitable wavelength coverage. The values in the table are given with starting and ending wavelength (λ) in microns. Note that the covered wavelength range with 100ms is twice the one with 50ms.

Covered Spectral Range

Spectral Mode Wavelength Range
DIT=25ms DIT=50ms
LR HK 1.46μm-2.4μm 1.46μm-2.4μm
MR-H λmin+0.032μm λmin+0.064μm
MR-K λmin+0.04μm λmin+0.08μm
HR-K λmin+0.008μm λmin+0.015μm