Updated pipeline recipes

The names of eclipse recipes in the data reduction guide are out of date. Until the data reductionguide is updated, please refer to the following table for which recipes to use for each ISAAC template.

Template Recipe to create ini file Recipe to run
ISAACSW_img_obs_AutoJitter jitter -g -A isaac-sw jitter
ISAACSW_img_obs_AutoJitterOffset jitter -g -A isaac-sw jitter
ISAACSW_img_obs_GenericOffset jitter -g -A isaac-sw jitter
ISAACSW_spec_obs_AutoNodOnSlit spjitter -g -A nochop spjitter
ISAACSW_spec_cal_AutoNodOnSlit spjitter -g -A nochop spjitter + isaacp respfunc
ISAACSW_img_cal_Darks   isaacp dark
ISAACSW_img_cal_TwFlats   isaacp twflat
ISAACSW_img_tec_Illframe   isaacp illum
ISAACSW_img_tec_Zp   isaacp zpoint
ISAACSW_img_tec_SlitPositions   isaacp slitpos
ISAACSW_img_cal_GenericOffset   isaacp zpoint
ISAACSW_spec_cal_Darks   isaacp dark
ISAACSW_spec_cal_Flats   isaacp sp_flat
ISAACSW_spec_cal_Arcs   isaacp arc
ISAACSW_spec_tec_StarTrace   isaacp startrace
ISAACLW_img_obs_AutoChopNod jitter -g -A isaac-lw jitter
ISAACLW_img_cal_AutoChopNod jitter -g -A isaac-lw jitter
ISAACLW_img_obs_AutoJitter jitter -g -A isaac-sw jitter
ISAACLW_img_obs_AutoJitterOffset jitter -g -A isaac-sw jitter
ISAACLW_spec_obs_AutoChopNod spjitter -g -A chop spjitter
ISAACLW_spec_cal_AutoChopNod spjitter -g -A chop spjitter
ISAACLW_spec_obs_AutoNodOnSlit spjitter -g -A nochop spjitter
ISAACLW_spec_cal_AutoNodOnSlit spjitter -g -A nochop spjitter + isaacp respfunc
ISAACLW_img_tec_Zp   isaacp zpoint
ISAACLW_img_tec_ZpNoChop   isaacp zpoint
ISAACLW_img_cal_SkyFlat   isaacp twflat
ISAACLW_img_cal_TwFlat   isaacp twflat
ISAACLW_img_cal_StandardStarOff   isaacp zpoint
ISAACLW_img_tec_SlitPositions   isaacp slitpos
ISAACLW_img_tec_IllFrame   isaacp illum
ISAACLW_spec_cal_Flats   isaacp sp_flat
ISAACLW_spec_cal_Arcs   isaacp arc
ISAACLW_spec_tec_StarTrace   isaacp startrace
ISAACLW_all_cal_Darks   isaacp dark