Pointing Restrictions

The following plots show for each currently offered baseline configuration the areas in the hour angle/Declination space in which observations are feasible(white)/unfeasible(dark).

Taken into account are the zenith distance, the delay line restrictions, and the shadowing effects.

These plots give only an overview, detailed calculations  can be performed with VisCalc.

Restrictions due to the delay line range occur for 2-telescope baselines
UT1-UT4, UT1-3, A0-H0, A0-K0, G1-H0, G1-K0,
and triples
UT1-UT2-UT3, UT1-UT2-UT4, UT1-UT3-UT4,  A0-D0-H0, A0-K0-G1,D0-H0-G1.

Restrictions due to shadowing effects occur for configurations that include any of the stations A0, D0, and E0.

See also the ParanalVLTI overview page.

Offered 2-telescope baselines for MIDI

Offered 2-telescope baselines for AMBER