April 5, 2002 




Dear XXX,


            It is a pleasure to formally invite you to attend the Conference, LISA IV: Library and Information Services in Astronomy”, to be held in Carolina, Prague, Czech Republic from 2nd to 5th July 2002 and organized by the Astronomical Institute Charles University Prague.


            LISA IV will cover a wide variety of topics centered on the theme:

Emerging and Preserving: providing astronomical information in the digital age.    We are confident your oral presentation,” The Russian Virtual Observatory”, will enrich our program.


            In addition, the Friends of LISA IV (FOL) have agreed to offer financial support of the trip, 
which will include 5 days lodging, 5 days per diem and the registration fee.


            The event will no doubt offer a great opportunity for you to interact with your international colleagues, while extending your co-operative links with the astrophysical community.


            We look forward to seeing you in Prague.





                                                                                    Liz Bryson

                                                                                    Francoise Genova

                                    Co-chairs, Scientific Organizing Committee, LISA IV