Timezone: all times in the programme are CET.

* Denotes Remote Speaker

Day 1 - Monday Feb. 27
11:00 Registration
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Welcome, by Rob Ivison
  Introduction, by Anna Bonaldi & Martin Zwaan
13:45 Invited
SKA Facilities Tyler Bourke
14:10 Contributed Mass loss from evolved massive stars: a multiwavelength view in the SKA era Cristobal Bordiu
14:25 Contributed Revealing the hot corinos nature: A multiwavelength approach Marta De Simone
14:40 Contributed Complex carbon chemistry in Solar System precursors Eleonora Bianchi
14:55 Contributed Galactic Centre Science with combined SKA-MID radio and VLT infrared observations  Rainer Schoedel
15:10 Coffee-break
15:30 Invited ESO facilities Michele Cirasuolo
15:55 Invited MOONS Roberto Maiolino
16:20 Contributed The power of coordinated deep fields in the context of the MIGHTEE Survey Matt Jarvis*
16:35 Contributed Tracking galaxy activity: looking back in time with SKA1 and other Southern Hemisphere facilities Mark Sargent
16:50 Contributed Role of Thermal and Nonthermal processes in Evolution of Galaxies with Deep Optical & Radio Surveys Fatemeh Tabatabaei*
17:05 Contributed HI Disks across the Southern Sky: WALLABY and the Statistics of Gas-Rich Galaxy Structure Kristine Spekkens*
17:30 Bier and Brezen
Day 2 - Tuesday Feb. 28
09:00 Invited
Transients Tara Murphy*
09:25 Invited MeerKAT Sharmila Goedhart*
09:50 Contributed A multi-wavelength approach to understanding and utilising FRBs Benjamin Stappers*
10:05 Contributed A comprehensive search for technosignatures in the Southern Hemisphere with MeerKAT Cherry Ng
10:20 Contributed Image domain transients with the LOFAR Two- metre Sky Survey Iris de Ruiter
10:35 Coffee-break
11:00 Invited ASKAP Elizabeth Mahony*
11:25 Invited ALMA Maria Diaz Trigo
11:50 Contributed The 4MOST Hemisphere Survey (4HS): uniform, wide-area spectroscopy for low-z galaxies in the south Edward Taylor*
12:05 Contributed WALLABY: Exploring Neutral Hydrogen in the Southern Sky with ASKAP Lister Staveley- Smith
12:20 Contributed DINGO: Synergy of combining HI and multi- wavelength data Jonghwan Rhee
12:35 Lunch
13:30 Invited The Galaxy Andreas Brunthaler*
13:55 Contributed  Imaging science with the MPIfR MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey (MMGPS) Ancor Damas Segovia
14:10 Contributed  The SARAO MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey  Mark Thompson
14:25 Contributed  VISIONS - The VISTA Star Formation Atlas Stefan Meingast
14:40 Discussion Synergies for Galaxy and solar system
15:10 Coffee-break
15:30 Invited 4MOST Roelof de Jong
15:55 Contributed Spectroscopic Surveys and HI Deep Fields Benne Holwerda*
16:10 Contributed ORCHIDSS: An ESO 4MOST Community Survey to unlock the full potential of the SKA and its precursors Kenneth Duncan
16:25 Contributed CHANCES: A 4MOST public spectroscopic survey for cluster galaxy evolution Christopher Haines*
16:40 Contributed The Wide Area VISTA Extra-galactic Survey Joe Liske
16:55 Sparklers 5 talks
Day 3 - Wednesday Mar. 1
09:00 Invited
Galaxy Evolution Emily Wisnioski*
09:25 Invited LOFAR Philip Best*
09:50 Contributed Optical follow-up of 21cm HI absorption surveys with SKA and its precursors Elaine Sadler*
10:05 Contributed The baryonic Tully-Fisher relation over the last one billion years with MeerKAT and VISTA Anastasia Ponomareva
10:20 Contributed On the pathway to the SKA: Exciting science with the deep and wide-field ASKAP survey of the GAMA23 Gulay Gürkan
10:35 Coffee-break
11:00 Invited EoR and Cosmology Andrei Mesinger
11:25 Contributed The 4MOST Cosmology Redshift Survey - Redshift mapping the Southern Sky Johan Richard*
11:40 Contributed The XQR-30 survey and future synergies between absorption spectroscopy and SKA for the EoR Valentina D'Odorico*
11:55 Contributed Cosmology results from LOFAR surveys Dominik Schwarz
12:10 Contributed Combining radio and optical peculiar velocity surveys from WALLABY and 4HS Matthew Colless
12:25 Lunch
13:30 Sparklers 4 talks
13:40 Invited ELT/MOSAIC Roser Pello
14:05 Contributed  HI galaxy evolution in the SKA/ESO era Barbara Catinella*
14:20 Contributed  Linking optical IFU data with multi-wavelength data: Probing the gas and dust evolution in galaxies Hye-Jin Park
14:35 Contributed  Multi-wavelength complements for next-generation HI surveys Natasha Maddox
14:50 Contributed The Multi-Phase Baryon Cycle Celine Peroux
15:05 Coffee-break
15:30 Sparklers 4 talks
15:40 Contributed WST - The Wide Field Spectroscopic Telescope Roland Bacon*
15:55 Contributed Panchromatic Surveys of the Local Galaxy Population Eric Emsellem
16:10 Contributed Studying Galaxy Clusters Behind the Magellanic Clouds with VMC, ASKAP and Other Survey Data Jessica Craig
16:25 Contributed Quasar Feedback in the Era of Deep Radio and Multiwavelength Surveys Gabriela Calistro Rivera
16:40 Discussion Synergies for galaxy and galaxy evolution 
19:00 Dinner Gasthof Neuwirt (Garching)
Day 4 - Thursday Mar. 2
09:10 Sparklers 5 talks
09:20 Contributed Radio transients with VAST and ESO Laura Driessen*
09:35 Contributed The MeerLICHT and BlackGEM Southern All Sky Surveys Paul Groot*
09:50 Contributed Radio stars and exoplanets: Sources in circularly- polarised widefield radio surveys  Joseph Callingham
10:05 Discussion Synergies for transients
10:25 Coffee-break
11:00 Invited
MWA survey science and synergies with ESO facilities Jess Broderick*
11:25 Contributed The Evolutionary Map of the Universe Andrew Hopkins*
11:40 Contributed Radio Continuum Observations of analogues of the Sources of Cosmic Reionization Omkar Bait
11:55 Contributed Cosmology with the MeerKAT HI intensity mapping survey and its multi-wavelength cross-correlations Mario Santos
12:10 Discussion Synergies for EoR and cosmology
12:35 Lunch
13:30   Workshop - by invitation only
Day 5 - Friday Mar. 3
09:00-12:00 Workshop - by invitation only