VMMPS: Download and Installation

The VMMPS package is available for Linux. It has been developed and tested with a Scientific Linux 4.3 distribution, but has been reported to work on a variety of Linux platforms, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Please note that the released package also includes the correct version of the SkyCat executable. The provided SkyCat executable will not interfere with previous installations of the tool on your system.

Installing VMMPS

  • Download the following installation kit: vmmps-3.28-Linux.tar.gz [7.4 Mbytes compressed]
  • At this point you should have a gzipped tar file in your current directory. Unpack it by executing: gunzip -c vmmps-3.28-Linux.tar.gz | tar xvf - This will create a directory called vmmps-3.28-Linux.
  • You may now remove the gzipped tar file: rm vmmps-3.28-Linux.tar.gz
  • For installation with USER-privileges only (This applies to all users who want to install VMMPS only locally on their own machine and who do not have system manager privileges):

    Execute the command sequence: cd vmmps-3.28-Linux

    Follow the instructions on the screen. The installation script will first ask you where you want to install the VMMPS tool. The default directory is the one created when you unpacked the tarball, but you can specify any other directory provided you have write access to it. The script will complain if this condition is not met.

    The script will then proceed with the installation of the tool. At the end of the installation, the full path to the startup script needed to launch VMMPS (vmmps) is displayed. Depending on your preferences, you may want to create an alias to this script, or add the directory in which it is contained (i.e. <vmmps-install-directory>/bin) to your PATH variable.

  • For installation with ROOT-privileges only

    Execute the command sequence: cd vmmps-3.28-Linux


    This will unpack and build VMMPS (same instructions as above for user-only installation). You then have to make the tool accessible to all users. For example,

    cd /usr/local/bin
    ln -s <vmmps-install-directory>/bin/vmmps vmmps
  • Running VMMPS

    VMMPS can be started with 'vmmps' if it is in your path, or using the absolute path <vmmps-install-directory>/bin/vmmps.

    Previous versions

    The previous version of VMMPS (v3.24) is still available for download below. It will produce valid ADP files but which may not make optimal use of the field of view. The installation procedure is identical to the one explained just above.

    vmmps-3.24-LinuxRH9.tar.gz [12.5 Mbytes compressed]

    Instrument selector

    This page is specific to VIMOS