The P2PP version 3 Tool - Documentation

P2PP version 3 User Manual

Current Version: v3.2 (20 December 2011)

The P2PP version 3 User Manual is available for download (with figures; PDF file).

P2PP version 3 Tutorial

The following ~5 min long video tutorials describe general overview of the P2PP version 3, how to prepare template scheduling container structures within P2PP3 (using as example VIRCAM instrument), how to attach finding charts and README, and finally how to retrieve OBs and scheduling containers for modification.

Instrument selector

This page is specific to UT2, VST, and VISTA telescopes.

In case you previously selected an instrument that is not available in the Instrument selector above, it will not be possible to change it from this page. Please change the page to general Service Mode Guidelines, change the instrument on one of UT2, VISTA or VST telescope instruments and come back to this page.