VIPERS First Public Data Release

Published: 24 Oct 2013

The VIMOS Public Extragalactic Redshift Survey (VIPERS) is an ongoing Large Programme to map in detail the large-scale distribution of galaxies at 0.5<z<1.2. The project is focused on precisely measuring galaxy clustering and related cosmological quantities, while providing a detailed description of galaxy properties and evolutionary trends, when the Universe was about half its current age. The survey includes a broad legacy for the community, with fairly fast release of the measured redshifts.

The first series of scientific results appeared earlier this year (see the overview in The Messenger Guzzo et al. 2013) and Public Data Release 1 (PDR-1) contains the first 57000 redshifts used to produce these analyses. The data correspond to nearly 2/3 of the VIPERS final expected yield and include: a spectroscopic catalogue (IAB<22.5); CFHTLS parent photometric catalogue (five band photometry to IAB=24.0, plus other information); photometric and survey masks, including target sampling rate and redshift measurement success rate; a few reference FITS 1D spectra from stacking thousands of spectra over homogeneous classes.

PDR-1 data are available through the VIPERS site, and can be accessed as a single tarball, containing the full release, or through a user-friendly SQL interface, directly querying the VIPERS database. More details can be found in the survey and data release description papers (Guzzo et al. 2013; Garilli et al. 2013).