New Version of Reflex Supports SINFONI and KMOS

Published: 19 Dec 2013

Version 2.5 of the ESO data reduction environment Reflex has been released. Reflex provides an easy interface to run and supervise VLT data reduction pipelines. Reflex can be installed with a self-explanatory installation script and the workflows are pre-configured to run right out of the box on demo or user data. All Reflex workflows come with a detailed step-by-step tutorials, and a detailed discussion of the design principles has been presented by Freudling et al, 2013, AA 559, 96.

The new version of Reflex includes workflows for the most frequently used VLT instruments (FORS, UVES, VIMOS, SINFONI) and the 2nd generation VLT instruments (X-Shooter, KMOS). The Reflex environment was also substantially upgraded, and now includes support for non-interactive batch processing and improved features to browse and investigate pipeline results.